O'Brien: Villan or Victim???

Marlys Cintron

O'Brien A Victim

O'Brien, in my perspective, is a victim because he's been in the Party for so long that all he knows is what the Party has told him. Although, deep down, O'Brien knows the truth and he knows that what the Party is doing is wrong, he still leans more toward the Party's side rather than Winston's side because he's been in it for so long that its all that he knows. It's like, for example, a child that is born into a family where profanity is the way they talk and express themselves in their home, profanity is the norm for them. Even if at school they may get in trouble by their teachers, they will still be confused as to why it is wrong because in their house, its okay to speak that way. Same goes with O'Brien. All he knows is what the Party has brainwashed him to know. And even though he wants to do what is right, he can't.