Welcome to Kindergarten

at Powell Elementary

Welcome to Kindergarten at Powell Elementary!

Welcome to kindergarten at Powell Elementary! If this is your first experience with Powell Elementary, we welcome you into a partnership between home and school that facilitates success for children. Our program addresses the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of your child. Kindergarten is the foundation for establishing positive habits that will follow children throughout their school career.

The most important thing you can do to assure your child's success in school is to help them understand that school is a happy place and learning is fun! It is important to establish a daily routine that your child can count on. A predictable bedtime, mealtime, time for homework, and a time to be read to, are all factors that create stability in a child's life. Schedules that are constantly changing and lack routines are difficult for young children. Try to keep transportation methods to and from school the same. Schedule after school sports, lessons, and other activities well after dismissal so that transportation home is not affected.

We hope that you and your child will join us in August for “Meet the Teacher”. While your child is getting to know the teacher, more information will be available to parents regarding school transportation, arrival and dismissal policies, lunch, and other school routines. You will receive your child's student ID, along with class placement via e-mail in mid-August.

It is common for young children to have difficulty separating from parents during the first few weeks of school. The best way to separate from your child is to give them a big hug and a smile, say goodbye, then leave as quickly as possible. We find that with the teacher's comfort and assurance, children quickly transition to whatever is happening in the classroom at the time.

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Important Dates:

August 12th, 4-5:30pm Meet the Teacher (drop off school supplies)

August 14th, 1st Day of School

August 27th, Parent Information Night

  • 5:30 for PPCD, PK, KG, 1st, and 2nd Grades
  • 6:30 for 3rd/4th Grades

Parent Partnership

Kindergarten has changed drastically over the last decade. What used to be an introduction to school routines, letters, and numbers has now been developed into an exciting and extensive curriculum. By the end of the kindergarten year, your child will be expected to read independently, write a story with at least 3 sentences, count to 100, add, subtract, and much, much more! In order for your child to be successful, parents and teachers need to work together. You can help by reading TO and WITH your child daily, as well as, attending Parent/ Teacher Conferences and Parent Information Night. Together, we can help your child have a terrific year!

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

8:00 School Begins

11:20 Kindergarten Lunch

1:00 Kindergarten Specials- Music, Art, Library and PE

3:10 Dismissal

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M.O.O.S.E. Folder (Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday)

This is a daily folder that will be sent home every school day, and needs to be returned to class every morning. Inside this folder, you will receive very important school information, daily behavior updates, completed work, and homework. Some days your folder may be empty. That’s okay. Please check your child’s folder EVERY day and empty its contents. If anything needs to be signed, please return it by placing it back in the folder. If you need to contact me, please feel free to place a note in this folder. This is a great communication link for the teacher and guardian.

Behavior Codes:

Included in your child's MOOSE folder is a monthly behavior calendar. Each school day is pre-coded with green. If there are behavior concerns, the teacher will use the following codes to communicate with you and your child. Please initial the calendar daily.

  • Green: Great Day!
  • Yellow: Multiple verbal reminders were given to the student. Consequence may include time-out
  • Orange: Consequences may include teacher/student conference, possible loss of privileges/ additional time-out
  • Red: The parent may be notified immediately, if possible (via telephone conference) Loss of privileges/recess *Multiple reds or fighting may result in a school referral.

If you have any questions, please feel free to set up a conference.

Student ID Number:

Every student is assigned a Student ID number that will never change as long as they are enrolled in Conroe ISD. The ID number will be emailed to you once their registration has been completed in our system.

Parent Access Center (PAC):

Parent Access Center is a free program available to all CISD parent/guardians that allows viewing of helpful information regarding student attendance, report cards, progress reports, daily grades, state test results, Students Achieving Excellence (SAE), discipline and available lunch money. Parents may also sign up to receive an email alert when an assignment score is inputted or updated. (Please note: kindergarten students do not receive grades until first grade.) Parents/Guardians wishing to access this service must have a valid email address. To sign up, go to www.conroeisd.net and look under Students/Parents. You will need student ID, email, and mailing address you provided at registration. If you experience difficulty setting up this account, please contact Michelle Lutes, Registrar for help at 936-709-1711 or mlutes@conroeisd.net. Please wait until the second week of school for this system to be available.

Kindergarten Newsletter:

Each week, your child will bring home a weekly newsletter summarizing upcoming curriculum and kindergarten activities. There is often additional information on the back. Please make a point to read each week to help keep you informed.

School Website:

To keep in touch, please access our website: Powell.conroeisd.net . The website will keep you updated on upcoming events and Powell news.

Key Contacts:

Lisa Garrison- Principal- lgarrison@conroeisd.net

Erin Anderson- Assistant- eanderson@conroeisd.net

Sarah Radford- Assistant Principal- sradford@conroeisd.net

Shawn Nixon- Counselor- snixon@conroeisd.net

Melissa Wiles- Nurse- mawiles@conroeisd.net

Micaelen Wright- Speech Pathologist- lkuhl@conroeisd.net

Michelle Lutes- Registrar- mlutes@conroeisd.net

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Absences and Tardies

The school day is from 8:00-3:10. Tardy bell rings at 8:00 and students must be in their seats at that time. Arrival after 9:00am is counted as an absence. Front doors open at 7:30am. Students stay in Gym until 7:40am and then can go to classrooms. Attendance does count, even in kindergarten. Please do not schedule a vacation when school is in session. Every day is packed with learning which cannot be reproduced at home.

Please contact us every day that your student is absent at 936-709-1700 or you may email the school at mlutes@conroeisd.net. Please include the reason for the absence. If your child sees a doctor, please also send in the doctor’s note when your child returns to school.

We are busy learning from 8:00 until we line up for dismissal at 3:00! If your child is late to school or picked up early, they may be missing important work. However, we understand that sometimes there are special circumstances that require your child to arrive late or leave early. You must check your child in or out at the front office.

Remember, good school attendance is an important part of assuring that your child has a successful kindergarten year!

District Attendance Information: www.conroeisd.net, under Parent/Student tab, Policies and Procedures, and Forms, Elementary School Handbook, pages 29-34.

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Bus Registration:

If you live beyond one mile of Powell and would like bus transportation, you must register for Bus Service online at the ConroeISD.net website under the Transportation link. However, bus registration for the 2019-2020 school year will not be available until August before school begins. You will need to know your child’s Student ID number to register.

Once you have registered, the following day you should be able to see all information about the bus including times, bus number, and bus stop locations. To find this, go to “Find Bus Route” and then pick “student eligibility” button. You will need their Student ID and birthdate.

Daycare Providers that Service Powell

Children's Courtyard 281-298-3715

Children's Learning Adventure 936-647-3962

ASI Gymnastics 936-271-4274

Kindercare 281-296-2966

Primrose 936-321-5900

Stepping Stones 281-298-5838

The Karate School 281-292-0225

The Woodlands Young Learners 832-257-3563

KidsRKids 281-362-9222

Kuk Sool Won 281-650- 7943

Creme de la Creme 832-299-7950

YMCA Primetime 281-367-9622

*enrollment for YMCA Primetime is handled through the YMCA at their Shadowbend location*

Changes in Transportation

We try to do everything possible to insure the safety of your child. If your child has a change in transportation, please send a written note​ to school with your child. Without your authorization, your child will be sent home in the usual manner. Also, your child may NOT be released to any other adult without your WRITTEN authorization. This includes walkers/bike riders. If there are adults, other than the parent to whom your child may be released, you can include them on your emergency card. Please note, In CISD, ALL kindergarten students must be met by an adult when they get off the bus or are released from biker/walker/car rider lines at dismissal. Students not met by an adult will be brought back to the school until parents are reached.
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Kindergarten lunch is 11:20-11:50, but we usually head down to the cafeteria around 11:15. FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL, PLEASE PACK A LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD.

Lunch Accounts:

If your child is going to buy a school lunch after the first week, parents are encouraged to prepay for their child's meals. Prepayments can be made on-line using the direct link on the homepage or go to https://www.myschoolbucks.com/. Please allow up to 48 hours for payments to be applied to students' accounts. There is a $1.95 charge per transaction to use the on-line payment system. Parents may restrict their children from purchasing a la carte items or from charging items through this system. Student lunch is $2.85. Checks can also be payable to CISD to fund account. Make sure student ID is on check. A monthly lunch menu is found at http://powell.conroeisd.net/menus/ under PreK-6 menus.

Parent Visitors at Lunch:

Parents are welcome to come eat lunch with your child. Please plan to be in the building by 11:15 since kindergartners often get nervous when they are expecting you and you are not here. Pre-paid money on student accounts ​cannot be used for adult meals. The software system used will not allow this. Cash or checks are accepted for parent meals. Due to safety concerns, please do NOT provide food or take pictures of any child other than your own. In addition, parents are not allowed on the playground with the students during recess.

Free/Reduced Lunch:

(based on limited income) www.myschoolapps.com

*If you are applying for the free/reduced lunch program, please make sure that the appropriate forms are turned in to the cafeteria.

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are an exciting time for children. We would love to help them celebrate! You may send cookies​ for the class to have a snack at the end of the day (Cupcakes are very messy and often not eaten by the children) Please note that the front office will not​ accept flowers or balloon bouquets, etc... to be delivered to students. You may also distribute invitations at school ONLY IF the entire class​ is invited, in order to protect from hurt feelings of those not invited.
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Kindergarten students will not bring home specified homework. We have homework suggestions on the weekly newsletter. These is designed to review any minimum skills taught so far.

We DO encourage families to include reading time in your daily evening routine, in which children have the opportunity to have books read aloud to them, as well as, allowing time for students to practice as reading skills are acquired. Students should also spend 5-10 minutes EVERY day reviewing sight words.

In addition, your child may eventually begin bringing home readers to read with you at home to target your child's specific needs.

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School Supplies

School supplies can be ordered through PTO in the spring and early summer. We encourage parents to take advantage of this non-profit PTO convenience as the correct type of supplies often become difficult to find and usually end up more expensive when purchased separately. Please watch for more information on the Powell website.

Supplies do NOT need to be individually labeled with your child's name, since we use community supplies.

For kindergarten supply list, please see Powell website.

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Annual Kindergarten Events

Our volunteers are an integral part of our kindergarten experience! Each teacher has 1-2 classroom coordinators (room moms) to help plan and organize our events.

Lunch/Recess Duty- Throughout the Year: Parent Volunteers watch the classes so that the staff can have lunch together.


Storybook Parade: Students are to be dressed as a storybook character and need to carry the book with them in the parade. This is a school-wide event.

Fifties Day: Students will celebrate the 50th day of school with activities in the classroom.


Field Trip to the Farm

Olde Plymouth Day: Children go back in time to experience the types of activities done in 1620. It is organized and led by parent volunteers. Each class will have a station.


Rudolph Day: Rudolph Day will take place in the teacher’s classroom. Students wear red.

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Program @ 6:00 pm: Kindergarten students perform traditional Christmas songs

Grinch Day: Grinch Day will take place in the teacher’s classroom. Students wear green.

Winter Holiday Party 2pm: Parents welcome. No gift exchange.


The One Hundredth Day of School: Students will celebrate the 100th day of school with activities in their classroom.

Valentine’s Day Party: Students will make a decorated valentine box to bring to school for the party. Students bring valentine cards for each child in their class. Students will be making ice cream sundaes.


Rodeo Day: Students will participate in a round robin rodeo organized and led by parent volunteers. Each class will have a station such as: stories around the “campfire” and Texas snack , “There's a Snake in my Boot” Rattlesnake Round-up, Lasso a Bronco, Bandana Tug of War, Stick Horse Barrel Races, and Pin the Tail on the Longhorn.


Field Trip to Montgomery County Fair Association’s Kid’s Day

Egg Hunt: Each student is to bring one dozen plastic eggs filled with a wrapped non-chocolate treat or trinket for an egg hunt on the playground. This is for the students only.


Fun Day at the Park: Students will walk across the street to Cochran’s Green Park to play. Parents and siblings welcome.

Graduation @ 8:30am (the last day of school): Students receive a Certificate of Completion and then perform several songs.

Explanation of Daily Activities

Arrival/School Announcements:

Unpacking of M.O.O.S.E. (Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday) folder, and hanging backpacks. Students will complete warm-up work to reinforce prior skills. They may also use this time to complete any unfinished work from the previous day. As the year progresses, we will add a variety of reading and math review activities.

Circle Time

The students participate in a variety of activities such as using reading skills to figure out a class message. Such skills include counting the number of words in the sentence, identifying punctuation marks and their meaning, identifying sight words, using phonics skills to sound out unknown words, and using context clues to figure out which words make sense. We may also use this time to celebrate our STAR OF THE WEEK.

Language Arts

Language and literacy are the cornerstone of our kindergarten curriculum. Phonemic awareness, language experience, written expression, and listening and reading comprehension are an integral part of our approach. Children who have been read to, conversed with, and have some understanding of how our language works, have an advantage at school.

Shared Reading

Books are used to address kindergarten (1) reading skills: concepts of print, phonics, comprehension, and (2) oral language skills: listening and speaking. This is an interactive reading activity where students join in or share the reading of a poem, book, or other text.

Word Study/ Literacy Learning Stations

Students learn handwriting and letter formation, while we reinforce letter sounds. As the year progresses we will focus more on phonics. Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, High Frequency "Sight Words", and word wall activities are taught. Learning Stations are used to reinforce language arts skills in a small group setting. During this time, teachers will work with small groups of students on reading skills.

Sight Words

When learning to read, kindergartners have 35 high frequency words that they need to memorize. The words should be recognized immediately without sounding out. This will help your child to read fluently and be able to comprehend what they have read more easily. If your child is struggling with these words, they will have difficulty reaching the end of the year goal of BAS Reading Level D or above.

Although, we will practice daily, your help at home will be very beneficial to your child! You will be provided with a set of flashcards at Parent Information Night. There is also a list of sight words attached below. When your child has mastered all 35 kindergarten words, other lists will be made available by your child's teacher. The additional lists may also be found on the teacher's website.

Writer's Workshop

After a mini writing lesson, students produce independent writing products while the teacher monitors and conferences individually with the students. Students will then share written work with classmates. Kindergartners will be writing stories every day. Your child will begin with drawing pictures and telling about the illustration. We will then move to using letters to try to label the picture. Finally, students will be able to sound out words to phonetically write sentences. We will concentrate on writing stories about ourselves.

How can you help? Help your child brainstorm activities and experiences that he/she might want to share. Good ideas include big events such as family vacations or small moments such as trips to the pool or the ice cream store! Help your child to remember as many details as possible about the event.


Calendar, Fact Fluency, Mental Math

Counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's, days of the week, months of the year, graphing the daily weather, estimating, problem solving, and patterning. We will begin to study place value and money as another way to count the number of school days. During this time, we will also review prior skills to build fluency and a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Guided Math

Math Mini-lesson, small groups, math journals, as well as, math baskets (games and manipulatives where students work individually or with a partner to complete math tasks. These tasks are generally review tasks. They are highly engaging, so the students LOVE THEM!) The teacher will be providing individual instruction or small group instruction.

The first semester, we will focus on number sense (0-20). In addition, we will begin working to master counting orally to 100. You can help your child by giving them daily opportunities to count and sort. Easy activities at home would include sorting laundry or socks by color, sorting silverware by shape or size, etc... "When I sort, I use my eyes to sort by color, shape, and size!"

The second semester, we will use our number sense to solve addition and subtraction stories. We will begin with manipulatives and then move to symbols. In April, your

child with be taking a district-wide "fast facts" test.

Science/Social Studies:

Books, discussions, songs, and student products. Subject matter is often integrated into language arts activities.


Students bring a healthy snack from home. Due to potential peanut allergies, we request that you refrain from sending peanut products. Since some classrooms do not have a water fountain, students in those classes may bring a refillable water bottle from home every day. The water bottle needs to have a spill-proof top and be labeled with your child's name! Please do NOT send juice, lemonade, soda, etc...


See information regarding lunches.


Students will go outside to playground daily unless it is raining. We will go outside in cold weather so please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing. Due to Safety concerns, only Powell Staff members are allowed on the playground with the students.


Your child will attend 30 minutes of either Art, Music, Computer Lab, or Library, as well as 30 minutes of P.E. each day. This is also the teacher's conference time. You may schedule an appointment to meet at this time.