Kindergarten Dual Language

Peek of the Week

May 2nd- 6th


Hi parents,

What a fun week we had last week. Multicultural night and our first field trip were a success. THANK YOU for all your support. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!!

Just a few reminders:

Please make sure to look at birthdays and upcoming events below. This month we will be celebrating May birthdays as well as all summer birthdays. If you would like to send cupcakes or cookies make sure to look below to send them on the correct day.

Device pick up with be on Friday, May 13th please make sure devices are fully charged. If your child’s iPad or charger is damaged, please let me know now so I can put a work order, so Thanh/Priscilla can take care of it.

Reminders/ Recordatorios

  • Please continue to check the red folder daily and sign it./Por favor continúe revisando la carpeta roja diariamente y firme.

  • Please don’t forget to charge your child’s iPad daily. No olviden cargar su iPad todos los dias.
  • Please charge your child’s ipad daily./Cargue el ipad de su hijo todos los días.

Upcoming Dates / Fechas

My 10th &11th Closed Campus due to STAAR testing

Friday, May 13th iPad and chargers Pick-up Day***Make sure devices are fully charged. If your child’s iPad or charger is damaged, please let me know now so I can put a work order, so Thanh/Priscilla can take care of it.

May 16th-19th Book Fair

Thursday, May 19th Family Fun Night 5:30-7 pm
Tuesday, May 24th Class Awards & EOY Party (Parents are welcome)1:30-2:00pm
Thursday, May 26th Early release & last day of school.

Weekly Objectives/ Objetivos semanales


  • K. 4 Identify U.S. coins by name, including: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • K. 2H Use comparative language to describe two numbers up to 20 presented as written numerals.

  • K.10B Identify basic parts of plants and animals.


  • K.12A- Generate questions for formal/informal inquiry

  • K.12B- Develop & follow a research plan

  • K.12C- Gather information

  • K.12D- K.12E- Use an appropriate mode of deliver

English Sight words:

  • say
  • too

  • K.2Bii decode CCVC/CVCC
  • K.2Ci spell CCVC/CVCC
  • r blends


  • K.10D Edit drafts with adult assistance.
  • K.10Dix correct spelling of words - CCVC and HFW

Social Studies/Estudios Sociales:

  • K.11B Holidays (Cinco de Mayo-5/5, Mother's Day 5/9)


This month we will be celebrating May Birthdays! We will also be celebrating June, July and August Birthdays! For Example: If you birthday is June/ July/ August 5th, we will celebrate you on May 5th.

May 2nd- Kai (6/1), Adela (7/2)

May 3rd - Jacob (8/3)

May 9th - Chloe (5/9)

May 10th- Kaley, (6/10), Johonna (8/10)

May 13th - Zoe (7/12)

May 14th-Elliot (8/14)

May 16th - Corynn (5/16)

May 17th - Mrs. Espinoza (7/17)

May 18th - Liam C and Lukas C (8/18)

May 20th- Avery (7/20)

May 21st- Benjamin G (6/21)

May 26th - Aaliyah (5/27), Ulises (5/29)

Shout out to Last Week's Top Readers on Raz Kids!!!

Students receive stars ⭐️ on RAZ-KIDS for reading, listening and for successfully passing book comprehension quizzes through this reading program. These students are last week’s top 3 winners from each class! Way to go!! 😁

Los estudiantes reciben estrellas ⭐️ en RAZ-KIDS por leer, escuchar y aprobar con éxito las pruebas de comprensión de libros a través de este programa de lectura. ¡Estos estudiantes son nuestros 3 ganadores principales de la semana pasada en cada clase! ¡¡Camino a seguir!! 😁

Mrs .Rodríguez’s Class

1. Mateo F (4,380⭐️)

2. Leo (2,380⭐️)

3. Mateo G (1,470⭐️)

Mrs. Espinoza’s Class

  1. Ulises (9,010⭐️)
  2. Liam Z (7,520⭐️)
  3. Angel ( 5,280 ⭐️)

Last Week’s ST Math Top 3 Math Puzzle Collectors

Students “collect” puzzles once they have successfully completed an entire level, and minutes count the time from the time they log in to the time they log.

Los estudiantes "coleccionan" acertijos una vez que han completado con éxito un nivel completo, y los minutos cuentan el tiempo desde el momento en que inician sesión hasta el momento en que cierran sesión.

Mrs. Rodríguez’s Homeroom:

1. Mateo F (150 Puzzles)

2.Victor (139 Puzzles)

3. Sarah (105 Puzzles)

Mrs. Espinoza’s Homeroom:

1.Ben (55 puzzles)

2.Jayleen( 48 puzzles)

3 Damian (35 puzzles)

Great job Math Mathematicians!!