#My Genious

My special talent is getting to know people. I like to talk to most people no matter who they are as long as they are nice to me I’m nice to them. I’m the person people vent to when they are sad or mad. I enjoy helping people get happy again and resolve their problems in the best way possible. I have lots of close friends that trust me and i trust them.

I could make the world better by cheering people up. I’ve been through lots of hard things so i know what its like to be sad. I know how to help cheer people up. I also think it could help the world by giving people someone to talk to. Keeping things in never ends well, so if people have someone to talk to it makes things easier to deal with. That’s my special talent

#Breaks My Heart

One thing that breaks my heart is how people my age have to live in bad situations. Like when their parents are drug addicts, or don’t care about them. It’s not fair to them, they deserve to have someone care about them or live a good life. I understand not having much money but when the parents or caregivers don’t provide for the child’s need or are very irresponsible is what breaks my heart.

I can tell how unhappy some people my age in situations like this are. This breaks my heart because the world can be a beautiful place but they can’t see past the bad to see the good. I wish i could change that but that"s hard to do. When people live with drug addicts its a very unhappy life, and its difficult to do especially as a kid. That"s what keeps me up at night.

#My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is losing my mom. My mom had a heart attack four years ago,she was only 33. Her artery was 100% blocked and shes fine now, but i hope it doesn’t happen again. I lost my dad in 2011 and I don’t know what i would do if my mom died now.

My mom isn’t like any other mom. She is always there for me, and she always knows what to say. I’ve put her through soo much and she still loves me, thats why I’m so afraid to have her die. I wish more than anything that she would stop smoking, then I wouldn’t be so worried for her health. Thats my biggest fear.

# My Biggest Dream

My biggest dream is to be a singer or be a tattoo artist. I love being around people so i think it would be great to decorate peoples bodies for them. Art is what i do. ever since i was little my dad and I would sit and draw together,and he would play his guitar and sing songs to me.he showed me how to draw, I think it would be great to use it for something more than just leisure.

I also love to sing. Singing brightens my day,and if i could do it all the time that would be my biggest dream. I would hope that what i would sing would make others happy too. Or that they would enjoy to hear it. Those are my biggest dreams.