The Harrahill Herald

Mrs. Harrahill's News for February 1st-5th, 2016

Anderson Grove's Purpose & Direction

Purpose: The purpose of Anderson Grove Elementary is to prepare all students to achieve their greatest potential and to positively impact the future.

Direction: In collaboration with families and community, our direction is to support and prepare all students for success through high expectations and individualized learning in a safe and positive environment.

Values & Beliefs:

Family Atmosphere

Collaboration and Communication


Continuous Improvement

3 Be’s – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Anderson Grove's "Be Known"

Anderson Grove is Known for Being a. . .





Notes from the Editor

  • Homework: Last week's homework is due on Monday. Students need to return their science notebooks after competing the moon logs for this past week. There will not be any homework this week. Students should practice their spelling words each day for 15-20 minutes, as well as read for 20-30 minutes per day.

  • Market Day: This is on Wednesday, February 3rd. All products must be brought to school on Tuesday, February 2nd.

  • Auction Day: This is on Thursday, February 4th. As of now, we have zero donations. If you're interested in helping students spend their profits from Market Day, please send any items to school by Tuesday, February 2nd. Also, we have been lucky enough to have one parent volunteer to help on Auction Day. We could definitely use one more parent to help it run smoothly. If you can make it on Thursday from 2:00-3:00, please email me. Thank you! We appreciate all of your support!

Local Listings

Feb. 2 - Market Day projects and Auction Day donations due to school
Feb. 3 - Market Day!
Feb. 4 - Auction Day!
Feb. 11 - Spring Party @ 2:00-3:00
Feb. 12 - NO SCHOOL
Feb. 15 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Development)
Feb. 16 - Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 3:20-7:40 p.m.
Feb. 18 - Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 3:20-7:40 p.m.

Specials Schedule

Monday - (Day 1) - Music & Library Checkout
Tuesday (Day 2) - P.E.
Wednesday (Day 3) - Guidance
Thursday (Day 4) - Art
Friday (Day 5) - Music

Current Events

**Note: Our students are part of a group helping to pilot new reading, writing, and spelling programs. We will be using a comprehensive reading, writing, and spelling program called JOURNEYS from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.**


In School: Readers will continue working on summarizing the texts they read. They'll review the skills they've learned about author's purpose and point of view.

At Home: While reading fiction with your child, pay attention to the words used to tell the story. Ask your child who is telling the story, or whose point of view the story is being told from. Pay attention to pronouns (I, we, us, etc.) while reading through the text for clues.


In School: Writers will publish their informative paragraphs this week. Grammar practice will focus on homographs (words that are spelled the same, but have different meanings and sometimes different sounds, i.e. tear and tear, bat and bat, read and read, etc.) and homophones (words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings, i.e. blew and blue, read and red, etc.).

At Home: Have your child test his/her knowledge of homographs and homophones by checking out the following pages!
Homograph Practice
Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms at Spelling City (Click the green "Click for Featured Games" button for activities)
Homophones Games


In School: Spellers will continue to work with words using vowel + r patterns (-are, -air, ear, and ear). However, this week's words are a bit trickier, as they have the "air" and "ear" sounds and often include two vowels within the pattern.

At Home:
When your child practices this week's words, make sure he/she is saying each word aloud. Make sure you child practices the spelling strategy of trying different patterns to make the same sound in order to figure out the correct spelling of the word. (We do this in class. It's most commonly done with vowel patterns within words.) Watch out! the -ear pattern makes two different sounds!


In School: Mathematicians will wrap up what they've learned about measurement, polygons, and congruent shapes. Vocab: polygons, attributes, quadrilateral, triangle, square, rectangle, angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle, vertex/vertices, symmetry, congruent, inch, centimeter, measurement, perimeter.

At Home: If your child didn't check these sites out last week, encourage them to do so this week as a good review for our assessment.
Shape Concentration This matches the images of polygons with their names.
Reflective Symmetry This looks at the symmetry of letters in the alphabet.
Symmetry Game Decide where the line of symmetry is for shapes.
Similar and Congruent Game Decide whether or not two shapes are similar and congruent... or not.
Shape Games Play a bunch of different games that focuses on all of the above mentioned skills!

Social Studies

In School: Entrepreneurs will continue learning about how people make choices to spend and earn money through their first-hand experience at Market Day and Auction Day. Vocab: credit, savings, interest, bank, deposit, loan, budget.

At Home: Your child has chosen a product (good or service) to sell at Market Day on February 3rd. He/She should be working to create plenty of this product to bring to school by Tuesday, February 2nd. Any help that you give your child should be negotiated with some form of reimbursement - taking a temporary pay cut/advancement in allowance, offering to help with chores at home, etc. For more information, please see the Special Announcements email that was sent out earlier today. Thank you for your support!