Some of little-known monuments

in St. Petersburg


Firstly, majority of tourists pay their attention to those sights of St. Petersburg, which are symbols of the city. Even if you are resident of SPb, you may not know about many places of interest, which aren’t official monuments of history and architecture.

Should you've been to museums, have seen most beautiful points of interest, but you haven't been to those of the streets and places which are hidden on maps, mysterious, famous for consecrated people only, not being visited by guides and shown on excursions.

I would like to tell you about some unusual monuments in my city.

The monument to chimney sweep (Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, №1,3)

He is dirty-faced, but resilient person. He is clambering up the stairs with ropes and brush in his hands.

Formerly, the chimney sweep profession was necessary and honorable. These workers, stained with soot, are always closer to the sky than ordinary citizens. They meet the sun before anyone else and always smiling as they know a peculiar mystery.

Perhaps that is why to see the chimney sweep was a good sign. Now, in an age of central heating, the need for a chimney sweep in the city has declined sharply. There is a little amonut of fireplaces, which pipes are need to be cleaned. But the authors of the sculpture want every resident of St. Petersburg will be able to have a chance to see felitious chimney sweep.

Invisible man

The empty pedestal on Fontanka Embarkment has been called the monument to Invisible Man. Appropriate inscription by hand appears on a pedestal regularly. Whose monument should stand on the podium initially?

It turns out, it was the monument to the Emperor Alexander II, placed in gratitude of hospital, built from his personal funds. The monument was opened in 1892, stood here till 1931, when it was demolished. However, nobody knows why the pedestal was left. In fact the empty plinth stood already twice long than the monument. That is why it is not surprising that in the urban folklore it became a monument to the invisible man.

Griffin's Tower (The 7th line of Vasilevsky Island)

Griffin's Tower is situated in the courtyard of the house №16. It is notable for the fact that each brick is numbered. However, the problem is that numbers are in disarray and even change the order every day .

According to legend, in these records encrypted secrets of the universe or formula of philosopher's stone . Those who solves the mystery will receive access to the heavenly riches and happiness . The name of the tower was given in honor of the invisible griffins, which pharmacist Pel grew.

St. Petersburg's Angel (Ismailov garden, Fontanka)

Bronze angel settled on a bench. He hides under an umbrella reading a book - real Petersburg's resident-intellegent. Angel presents a good mood and fresh thinking to all who will sit down near him on the bench.

This angel was contrived and embodied in bronze by talented artist Roman Shustrov - the creator of very interesting dolls .

According to the artist, the sculpture symbolizes the elderly residents of St. Petersburg, was experienced war, hunger, suffering and deprivation, but retained the kindness and intelligence, remaining childishly pure and bright .

The garden of Friendship (Ligovsky avenue)

In fact, St. Petersburg has leading positions in the number of twin cities. Our city started these relationships with the Chinese Shanghai in 1988. In honour of the 300th anniversary of the northern capital city, they presented the "Friendship Garden", which is a miniature copy of Yu Yuan garden ("Garden of Joy").

There are "Nine Dragon Wall", "Pagoda of friendship", an artificial pond with a fountain and a small bridge. Pine, willow and apple trees, were brought from China as well as all the necessary materials and builders.

Some new words

Chimney sweep - someone whose job is to clean inside a chimney, using long brushes

Fund - an amount of money collected, saved or provided for a purpose

A plinth - a square block, especially of stone, on which a statue stands

Disarray - when something is not organized

Encrypted - changed information into a secret system of letters, numbers or symbols

To contrive - to manage to do something difficult, or to make something happen, by using your intelligence

Deprivation - to take something important or necessary away from someone or something

To retain - to continue to keep something

Twin city - a town or city that shares planned activities and visits with a similar town in another countryr

Pine tree - a tall tree with long, thin leaves shaped like needles

Willow tree - a tree that usually grows near water and has long, thin branches that hang down