Second Grade Rock Stars

Tour News!

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 09/29- Return one signed copy of the progress report.
  • 09/29- Bring back Friday Journals (don't forget to write your child back!)
  • 10/02- Picture Day
  • 10/02- WAVE Meeting at 6:30p.m.
  • 10/03- Art
  • 10/03- Spirit Day- Decades

Progress Reports!

Don't forget to look over your child's progress report and sign and return one of them back. If I have marked that I would like to conference with you this coming week, please fill out the page I attached. If you would like to meet on Monday morning or afternoon, please email me so I know (as I won't get the sheet back until Monday).

  • Make sure to also look over the progress report with your child and talk about areas of improvement and what goals they have based on those.
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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

We have been working on our drafts this week of our first narrative (story). Students have been adding in amazing sensory details, emotions, and transitions. You can check out our favorite transitions above, which we posted using Padlet after our mini-lesson on transitions. This week we will be finishing up our drafts and working on the revising process both individually and in groups. Revising is when we fix how the story sounds or flows, where as editing is more focused on fixing the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We practiced the basics of our first run through of our draft using Rock Star Partner Tips (see top).

In math, we finished up comparing numbers and will test on Monday afternoon. We will begin learning about coins and money. So make sure to break open those piggy banks at home and practice with your child. As the pictures on coins keep changing, (it drive us teachers crazy by the way) it is vital that your child plays with real money and coins to see what it is really like. Unfortunately, we only have fake coins in the classroom, so it is important for your child to get that practice of size, weight, and styles of each coin at home. You can practice at home by...

  • Counting how many cents (or dollars and cents) there are.
  • Practice giving you the exact amount of money that you ask for. (For instance, 72 cents or $1.64)
  • Practice giving you the exact amount with the fewest coins possible.
  • Have them act as a cashier! Buy something from them and have them give you the change back. (For instance buy something for 78 cents, pay them a dollar, and have them give you the change back from that -12 cents)
  • Check out a coin song for your child HERE

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Coins and Money

Reading: Author's Purpose, expression while reading aloud

Writing: Hooks and Endings, the drafting process, and revising process

Grammar: Irregular verbs and Adjectives

Conventions: Capitalizing, ending punctuation, and possessive apostrophes, commas.

Social Studies: Mapping and directions

Spelling: g, ge, dge sounds


Thank you to everyone who donated towards our class basket or donated their time to our 2nd grade booth selling tickets. Special thanks to Rachel Songer for her wonderful organization of it all from volunteers to items for the basket. Thank you also to Erika Luna for her fantastic assembling of all of the wonderful items in the basket. What a great job she did. Thanks to everyone, it turned out great!
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