Come to...GEORGIA

Make a fresh start

Are you debt ridden?

The colony of Georgia consists of English settlers and was the last of the thirteen colonies to be established by King George II in 1732. The colony of Georgia is made for debt-ridden prisoners in England that want a clean slate.

Do you enjoy warm air and beaches?

The colony of Georgia is located on the southeastern corner of the North American continent along the Atlantic Ocean. It is located between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers. Having warm temperatures, mostly wet soil, many beautiful forests and beaches, Georgia is the perfect place for agriculture, and you can live where others would vacation!!

Come defend our land from Spain!

Originally contemplated to be a buffer colony to protect South Carolina from Spanish invaders in Florida, Georgia is one of the southern colonies out of all thirteen.

Religious freedom for all!

The Province of Georgia has no established religion. Though, it is predominantly Baptist.

Be protected by England's finest men!

A board of 21 trustees governs Georgia. It is a Royal Colony. Georgia's trustee was created by James E. Oglethorpe.

We have the richest of raw materials!

  • Cotton, rice, tobacco, sugar, lumber and indigo are the main crops that are grown for trade, usually for things that are unable to be created in the colony.

It all happened here!

  • Settlement began in 1733
  • German Salzburgers setteled in Ebenezer in 1734
  • Fort Frederica was built on Saint Simons Island in 1736
  • Battle of the Bloody Marsh between the Spanish in 1742
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We've got some super cool dudes!

James E. Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe is an English philanthropist who created the charter presented to King George II. Oglethorpe came from England and settled in Savannah. He then settled in St. Simons Island to build Fort Frederica. he was also a general and fought alongside other colonists in the Battle of the Bloody Marsh at Fort Frederica. It was Oglethorpe's idea to make Georgia a place for those who are in debt to have a second chance in the new world. He was also anti slavery. He was thought to be president of the colony but could never obtain the position due to his duties dealing with Spanish invaders. He became Georgia's first Governor.


Tomochichi is a chief of the Yamacraw Indians native to the Georgia colony. Tomochichi and Oglethorpe are good friends which greatly affects the wellbeing of the colony. Tomochichi teaches peace allowing his people and settlers to live together peacefully in the colony.

William Stephens

William Stephens came from England and settled in Savannah Georgia in 1737. He is the secretary of Georgia's trustee group and is president of the Savannah region. He settles disputes between colonists and warned of the plague keeping Georgia's inhabitants at heart.