By: Ally Condie

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Excerpt from Matched, by Ally Condie~

"'Cassia Maria Reyes."

It is my turn.

I stand up letting go of my mothers hand, and turn toward the screen. I feel my heart pounding and I am tempted to twist my hands the way Lea [the girl before Cassia] did, but I hold perfectly still with my chin up and eyes on the screen. I will watch and wait.."

Imagine If you were in a place where you could never be with who you wanted to be. You had to be matched by officials at a matching banquet. I mean, sure your used to that and your grateful, but that would stink. Wouldn't you want to choose who your destined your life will be with?

Not only that, you get proportioned meals, and you get certain amounts of recreation, certain classes, and the worst part- you only have 100 songs and 100 poems, because the society decided to limit the amount because it was too much.

That would definitely not be a world I would live in.

Favorite Quote~

"And then he says it, right out there on the Hill, and of all the words I have hidden and saved and treasured, these are the ones I will never forget, the most important ones of all.

"I love you."' (Condie 275).

~Star Rating & Recommendation~

I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • The book generally has a great plot- it could be a bit more developed. It seemed like the author was almost writing a mystery.
  • The book goes really slow. There is minimal action in it, It was almost hard to read.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes dystopian society and romance books. The book definitely has romance and it goes on in some sort of dystopian society type setting.

I would not recommend this book to someone who gets bored of books easily. I would not recommend this book to someone who likes action books.

This is a very plot driven book, and does not keep you on the edge of your seat for long. Smooth read. The author does a very good job defining characters. Also, if you like plot twists- this would be a great book choice for you!




Cassia, who faces many adversities throughout the book

Xander, who helps Cassia as much as possible

Ky, who teaches Cassia lots of things she didn't know


Cassia's Grandfather, who gives Cassia her initial start.

Cassia's Mom, who shows compassion to Cassia despite whats going on.

Cassia's Dad, who helps Cassia hide things that would risk getting in trouble.


A dystopian society where Cassia has to watch her step.


Cassia has to decide whether to abide by the Officials, or by what her heart says.

Plot (Major events that happened)~

- Cassia getting the gift from her grandfather

-Cassia getting Matched

-Cassia and Ky hiking

-Cassia and her dad and the old library

-Xander and Cassia at the school planting

Genre~ This is a fiction book.

Theme~ Go where your heart leads you.. it might be tricky and you will face trials. Keep on Keeping on!


Theme~ Go where your heart leads you.. it might be tricky and you will face trials.

Keep on Keeping on!