Carboniferous Time Period

By: Nolan M.

Major geological events during this time period

One of the main events that happened during this time period was when the Appalachian Mountains started to form. Another event that happened during this time period was when the first true reptiles and winged insects started to appear. My final geological event that happened was when North America and Northern Europe started to become a tropical region, and woody swamp forests started to become the natural environment.

Climate and Environment During The Carboniferous Time Period

The climate during the beginning of the period was hot and humid, but when it got further into the period it became more cool and dry. The environment during the time period was a vast equatorial coastal swamp extending many hundreds of miles and barely rising above sea level. This steamy, tropical quagmire served as the nursery for earth's first primitive forests, comprised of giant Lycopods, ferns, and seed ferns. Also, there were a lot of swamp forests, and woody trees that covered all of Eastern North America, and parts of Europe.

Dominant Organisms During This Time Period

Some of the main plants during this time are the Lycopsids, Ferns, and Sphenopsids. Also, some of the main animals during this time period are Millipedes, Scorpions, Spiders, Cockroaches, and finally, Amphibians.

Main Things Travelers Might Like to See

Travelers might enjoy seeing the many beds of coal that were laid down all over the world during this time period. Another thing travelers might like to see is the many forests that were around during this time period. Finally, travelers would probably like to see the dragonflies that grew to be as big as seagulls. Scientists that discovered a fossil of a dragon noticed that it's wingspan was 2.5 feet.

What Travelers Should Pack for Comfort and Safety

One thing travelers definitely need to pack is bug spray, because during this time period there were many insects and bugs everywhere. Another thing that would be good for travelers to pack is food and water, because fresh water was really scarce during this time period and it was also hard to find food to eat unless you wanted to be eating insects for dinner.

Dangers Travelers Might Face When in This Time Period

There are not that many dangers that travelers would face going here but there are some. One danger a traveler might face is the deep swamps, because they would sink fast and you wouldn't have much time to get out. Another danger a traveler might face is the forming mountains, because if you are climbing up it and it starts to shift and move you could easily fall or get stuck. Also, if you are near a mountain when it's forming a rock or even a boulder could fall on you. The last danger that a traveler might face when it's here is the big insects that were around during this time period. They could possibly try to fight you, or hurt you in any other way.