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Want to stay informed and up to date with the movings and the shakings of the PTSA? Here's where you need to look!

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Make sure you sign up for Mrs. Mullen's newsletter. It is how she communicates out school events. She will have information on how to do this at the SVMS night on February 19th.

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Important Dates to keep an Ear Out For

August 19th: SVMS Registration. 9-5. We will be handling membership and helping you with your SVMS needs.

August 20th: SVMS Registration. 9-5. We will be handling membership and helping you with your SVMS needs.

August: Teacher Breakfast. Date to be determined, but usually the Thursday before the first week of school. Please have all donations to SVMS by 7:00 that morning or feel free to drop them by during registration. Take a look at the sign up genius and see if there is something you would be willing to donate!

August: Back to School Night at SVMS. Meet the teachers. Walk your kiddo's schedule. Meet some fellow Eagles-sounds like fun to me!

August: First PTSA Meeting of the year, date to be determined, 6:30 in the library. Come help us organize the PTSA!

August : Date to be determined, usually the second week of school. Chocolate kick off at SVMS. If you are excited about fundraising through chocolate this is the day for you! Students will be sent home with permission forms that need to be signed in order to sell chocolate. Be on the look out!

September. Date to be determined. It's Color Run day! If you are a parent volunteer and want to help us out (and we WANT your help!) email It really is a blast!

Fundraising. It's how we support our Eagles.

We have several different elementary schools that feed into SVMS that come from several very successful fundraising strategies. So we here at the SVMS PTSA think we need to offer a variety of fundraising opportunities to help fit your family the best.

We will be rolling out our Invest In Your Eagle again this year. If you would love to give a donation to the SVMS PTSA and be done-this is a fundraiser for you!

If you like to physically sell something we have the fundraiser for you, too. This year we will be selling World's Finest Chocolate by the box. All chocolate is $1 and will come in the flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, crisp, dark chocolate and almond. We will receive a 50% profit from each chocolate bar we sell. Kick off for this event is usually the second week of school when students will bring a permission form home to allow them to sell the box of chocolate. Be on the look out!

If you like a bit more participation to your fundraiser the Color Run is it. This will be the fourth year we will be utilizing the Color Run and it is tons of fun. The Color Run usually takes place in September and can be signed up for online.

We will also post a host of restaurant and event nights for the school. Generally, we get a 15%-20% profit back from these opportunities.

Please pick the fundraiser or way to support your Eagle. We do not in any way expect participation in all, but do love to give a variety of opportunities so that all families can find a good fit!

What do we use fundraising for?

The majority of our fundraising goes to sending each and every one of our SVMS Eagles on a field trip.

We have over 800 Eagles. Three separate field trips. So that takes some fundraising.

Otherwise? WIN times. Teacher conference meals. Teacher appreciation week. And other items that come to the PTSA for funds. We like to be able to support our SVMS staff and students in endeavors that help them be successful.

We are looking for your help to run our PTSA!

We have a couple PTSA positions opening up for next year and we are looking for those individuals that can help us out.

President: Meet with principal over the summer to decide on PTSA schedule for the upcoming year. Run monthly PTSA meetings. Be a resource to committees for events throughout the year. Weekly commitments through the first two months of the school year, more like monthly commitments after that.

Treasurer: Meet with outgoing treasurer in June or July and transfer over books. Place name on SVMS bank account. Meet with president during the summer to go over budget and calendar for the upcoming year. Heaviest commitment during the month before school and the two months after school starts as that is the busiest time for fundraising. Weekly to monthly availability after that to approve checks going to the various events through the school year.

Chocolate Fundraising Chair: Will help coordinate and organize Chocolate sales this Fall. Will have one meeting this summer, but the bulk is carried out the first month of school.

Color Run Chair: Will help coordinate and organize the Color Run. Will coordinate and communicate out responsibilities to parents on the day of. Will help organize set up and take down of course.

Restaurant Night Chair: Will help coordinate and organize restaurant nights for SVMS. Very little time commitment as we have a spreadsheet that lists contacts for previous restaurant nights.

Teacher Appreciation Chair: Will help coordinate and organize teacher appreciation efforts. Time commitment varies. Historically, this week takes place the first week in May.

Life Ceremony Chair: This chair will coordinate and help organize with Officer Bratcher. The ceremony most likely will take place during the day in February or March and lasts a couple of hours.

Parent/Teacher Conference Chair: This chair will coordinate and help organize four dates for parent/teacher conferences, two in the fall and two in the spring. We use a sign up genius to share information as to donations that are needed.

8th Grade Day Chair: Will coordinate and organize inflatables and other items needed that staff requests. Will organize parent volunteers the day of.

Please let us know if any of these positions sound good to you. We would love your help!

We can't wait to meet our new Eagles! Limited amounts of spirit wear available on February 19th for $5.

We can't wait to see our new Eagle families and welcome them to SVMS. Come see us at the PTSA table on February 19th. We will have a limited amount of spirit wear available for $5 a piece, cash or check, on that night.

Welcome to SVMS!

So You Want to Be a Member!

Good news! We would love for you to be one, too! You can sign up for membership at registration or by using our new online square site after July first. Either way will get you a membership with our PTSA! We try to keep our prices manageable so that anyone that wants to join can.

Single memberships will be $6 and company business memberships will be $25.

Check out the membership here, but any memberships bought before July 1st will be for the 2019/2020 year. And any membership bought after July 1st will be for the 2020/2021 school year.

Grade Level Tshirts!

We sell the grade level tshirts at SVMS. Shirts are a 50/50 blend and we try to keep the price affordable. All orders will be online. We will be selling them this one time so get all the spirit wear you can handle at this time!

All sales are final and we will not be able to do exchanges as we will only order the amount that are ordered online.

Students will use these shirts to wear for assemblies and for school outings.

Color Run, take four.

SVMS will have their Color Run for the fourth straight year. Watch your communication for a date, but they have historically been in September.

We will have dollar concessions for sale (usually pop and candy), but will also have food trucks on site for student purchase. The years before we have had a snow cone truck and a donut truck.

We will need some amazing parent volunteers as well. We usually send out a sign up genius to see which parents would like to help us with concessions and who would like to help cheer on the students on the course. Staff shoot the color at the students, but no worries. You WILL get color on you.

Keep an eye out for this date!

Welcome Back Breakfast for Teachers.

We have the best families that love to show the love to our teachers and staff! We ask for breakfast donations that can get them through their 'first' day of school as they navigate paper work and room set up.

We ask that donations get dropped off by 7:00 the day of, or for your convenience you can also drop your donations by the SVMS table during registration.

Keep an eye out for the date and the sign up genius. It is usually the Thursday before the first week of school.

Thank you so much for your help!