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Dates to Know for the 2018-2019 Year

August 6th: SVMS Registration. 9-6. We will be handling membership, selling the $1 chocolate, and handing out the grade level tshirts that have been bought over the summer.

August 7th: SVMS Registration. 9-6. We will be handling membership, selling the $1 chocolate, and handing out the grade level tshirts that have been bought over the summer.

August 9th: Teacher Breakfast. Please have all donations to SVMS by 7:00 that morning. Take a look at the sign up genius and see if there is something you would be willing to donate!

August 15th: Lilo's night. Come celebrate the first day of school with your fellow Eagles! Be sure to show the flier that we will send out or tell them you are with SVMS and we will get 20% back from the profit!

August 16th: Back to School Night at SVMS. Meet the teachers. Walk your kiddo's schedule. Meet some fellow Eagles-sounds like fun to me!

August 20th: Chocolate kick off at SVMS. If you are excited about fundraising through chocolate this is the day for you! Students will be sent home with permission forms that need to be signed in order to sell chocolate. Be on the look out!

August 28th: Chipotle night. 4:00-8:00. Put it on the calendar and show it to your friends, family and neighbors! We receive 50% of the profit back from all sales that say they are there for SVMS. Last year we made nearly a grand. Let's see if we can beat it this year!

September 4th: Last day to sign up for Color Run. All Color Run sign ups will be online this year. Don't forget to sign up!

September 5th: Back to School BBQ, 4:00 in the back parking lot. We will be playing our first home football game against Kearney. Mudhole and Snowie KC will be available to purchase! Snowie KC's cones run anywhere from $5, $4, and $3 while Mudhole's entrees usually run more around $10 and up.

September 19th. It's Color Run day! If you are a parent volunteer and want to help us out (and we WANT your help!) email It really is a blast!

September 25th: PTSA Meeting, 6:30 in the library. Come and help us figure out what to feed teachers for Fall conferences!

September 25th: 5:00-8:00. DQ night. Tell your friends. Tell your family. At the very least get yourself a Blizzard! 15% of the profit that night come back to SVMS!

October 5th: Let the Battles begin! Our first Battle for the Paddle against the LJH8 Jays will be today. Come cheer on your Eagle cross country team as they battle the Jays!

October 9th: Battle of the Paddle-football. 4:00 in the back lot. Eagles vs. Jays. Snowie KC and Mudhole BBQ will be there selling their food! We hope to see you there!

October 11th: Liberty Culver's restaurant night. 5:00-8:00. This is one of our best restaurant nights so let your friends, family, and neighbors know!

October 15th: The conclusion of the Fall Battles will be today! Come cheer on your SVMS Eagle volleyball players at Liberty at 4:00!

October 22nd: Teacher conferences. Will need help setting up at 1:30. Tearing down at 7:00

October 23rd: Teacher conferences. Will need help setting up at 1:30. Tearing down at 7:00.

November 13: PTSA meeting, 6:30 in the library. Let's talk PTSA before the holidays!

February 12: 4:00-8:00. Liberty Above All Fundraiser. Prices will be as follows: $12 for a 60 minute jump pass, $17 for a 90 minute jump pass, and $20 for a 120 minute jump pass. Jump socks are $2 if you don't already have a pair. 15% of these proceeds come right back to SVMS PTSA! Hope to see you there!

Welcome Back Breakfast for Teachers. Sign up here! All supplies to office by 7:00 am on August 9th, Pretty Please!

We have the best families that love to show the love to our teachers and staff! If you see something that you would love to donate to the cause, feel free to bring it in on one of the registrations or send it into the SVMS office by 7:00 on August 9th! We have lots of choices to choose from or feel free to send in your breakfast favorites!

Thank you so much for your help!

Grade Level Tshirts are Here and They're Amazing!

We are selling the grade level tshirts again this year. Shirts are a 50/50 blend and are from Cumpy's so they fit like the shirts from our Flash sale this spring. All orders will be online. We will be selling in two sessions. To receive your shirt to pick up by registration all orders must be in by July 22nd. If you want a shirt after that you may still order one, but it will be sent home with your student.

All sales are final and we will not be able to do exchanges as we will only order the amount that are ordered online.

Students will use these shirts to wear for assemblies and for school outings. Take a look and see what you think!

Second Annual SVMS Color Run is September 19th! Sign up by September 4th!

Mark your calendars for September 19th. That will be the day that the SVMS Eagles will get Color Run CRAZY! The run will start at 12:30 and conclude at 2:00. We will have Snowie KC there to purchase (snow cones run $5, $4, $3 respectively), dollar concessions and LOTS of fun! Be sure that you sign up in time to be a part of the fun!

So You Want to Be a Member!

Good news! We would love for you to be one, too! You can sign up for membership at registration or by using our new online square site. Either way will get you a membership with our PTSA! We try to keep our prices manageable so that anyone that wants to join can.

Single memberships will be $5 and company business memberships will be $20.

Check out the link here or snag a membership paper at the PTSA table at registration~

Fundraising. It's how we support our Eagles.

We have several different elementary schools that feed into SVMS that come from several very successful fundraising strategies. So we here at the SVMS PTSA think we need to offer a variety of fundraising opportunities to help fit your family the best.

We will be rolling out our Invest In Your Eagle again this year. If you would love to give a donation to the SVMS PTSA and be done-this is a fundraiser for you! We will have paper copies of this fundraiser at registration or you can find it online as well.

If you like to physically sell something we have the fundraiser for you, too. This year we will be selling World's Finest Chocolate by the box. All chocolate is $1 and will come in the flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, crisp, dark chocolate and almond. We will receive a 50% profit from each chocolate bar we sell. Kick off for this event is August 20th when students will bring a permission form home to allow them to sell the box of chocolate. Be on the look out!

If you like a bit more participation to your fundraiser the Color Run is it. This will be the second year we will be utilizing the Color Run and it is tons of fun. The Color Run will take place September 19 and can be signed up for online from now until Tuesday, September 4th. For $20 you will get a tshirt, a bib, a packet of color, and the opportunity to participate in a Color Run during school hours! What could be more fun?

We will also post a host of restaurant and event nights for the school. Generally, we get a 15%-20% profit back from these opportunities.

Please pick the fundraiser or way to support your Eagle. We do not in any way expect participation in all, but do love to give a variety of opportunities so that all families can find a good fit!