Welcome to My World

optional information for MIT Master in Finance program


My name is Shuyi Wang and I am a senior in UCLA, majoring in financial mathematics and minoring in Statistics, Computer programming. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this poster and hope the introduction to my world will help you know more about my life.

--------------------adaptable, adventurous, passionate, persistent

My Study

I have been studying financial mathematics in the University of California Los Angeles since 2011. Strongly interested in finance and data analysis, I have taken almost all of the courses in financial and applied mathematics, and equipped myself with multiple programming skills such as C++, Java, Matlab, R studio and HTML.After taking financial mathematics courses in such as derivative markets, annuities, cash flow, stock pricing, and casualty insurance, I became extremely interested in finance, especially the mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis.

My Work Experience

I started my first internship in my freshman year and I have earned several internships in the finance, insurance and the public accounting companies, with each focusing on private fund, life insurance and accounting. Thanks to these experience and the mentors I have met, I can grew up to be a more well-round person with more confidence to determine and pursue my career goal.

  • Analysis of the performance of the portfolio with various financial products.
  • Services and suggestions in the optimized combination of AXA financial products.
  • Analyze the semi-period reserve valuation including the short term insurance liability evaluation and life insurance surrender rate assessment.
  • Performed book keeping and bank reconciliation, managed vendor accounts
  • A quantitative analyst responsible for company valuation model in the Cloud and Wind Capital run by UCLA students.

My Research

I worked with professor Qin in my first junior year term to seeking the breakthrough of an image denosing algorithm with higher accuracy but less computation expense. After exploring the adjustment of variables, the calculation of PSRN, and the preservation of the textures, I wrote a detailed report and got the award of recognized contribution to UCLA undergrads research.

In the UCLA 2014 REU of applied and computational mathematics, my research is to build an efficient mathematical model detecting the target in a hyperspectral image.

  • Tried and implemented several algorithms including SVM, label propagation, NMF, MTV and fuzzy k-means.
  • I also personally developed an improved k-means method called non-local moving k means which proved to be the most accurate method among all the methods we applied to.
  • We got the good news that our group is invited to give a presentation in the 2015 SPIE science conference and we will also contribute our paper to the SPIE conference.

My Leaderships

  1. I have been the director of publication of the Undergraduate Math Student Association in UCLA for two years. As the largest math student organization in UCLA, every day I can talk with the smart students in UCLA, understand their needs and offer them the best programs for their benefits such as professor talk, scavenger hunt and matlab tutorial.
  2. I was also the group leader of a media marketing team in the campus newspaper. Our team created the first paid Apple application to help companies expend their market in international students in Daily Bruin, and we continued to analyze the trend of the daily downloading rate and customer evaluations and promoted the product based on this information.

My Activities

  • Accenture 2013 Consulting Case Competition UCLA Final List
  • Group Head, Bruin Actuarial Society Second Case Competition
  • Team Leader, PWC XTREME GAMES Competition
  • UCLA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance(Scholarship Awarded)