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May Edition

The mission of Simon Middle School, a diverse, pioneering community built on relationships and acceptance, is to sculpt and cultivate motivated, contributing citizens though both success and failure while broadening horizons and building confidence.

Congratulations to Mr. Hartley our Simon Middle School G/T Spotlight Award Recipient

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Mr. Hartley sets the bar high for his students and holds them accountable. He has great relationships with all students and is positive and encouraging.

Summer Planning

Just as quickly as summer approaches, it also passes in the blink of an eye. This time of year, both parents and teachers face the same dilemma: Should high-ability kids stay busy with summer projects, courses, sports, camps, and travel...or should they be allowed to completely unplug with no schedule, commitments, or plans?

While there’s no magic combination, the answer is a bit of both. While rest and relaxation are certainly important, research suggests that students who participate in summer learning activities score higher on their fall achievement tests versus those left to their own devices.

However, this doesn’t mean that gifted kids must enroll in pressure cooker courses or hire tutors to prevent slips and dips. Summer vacation offers the exciting prospect of engaging children at a more relaxed pace and with a greater diversity of offerings or depth than the school year usually allows.

Effective summer programs for gifted students combine content with creativity, critical thinking, real-world experiences, and the ability to connect with like-minded peers. They can include games, self-expression, field trips, travel, exploration, and fun.

Divergent Learning at Simon

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If you have any questions regarding GT assessments those can be directed to Jeremiah Gonzalez & Leslie Spinder

(G/T Lead Teacher)


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