Successful First Tournament

British Parliamentary Qualifier

The British Parliamentary Qualifier held October 3, was the first tournament of the 2020 debate season. The BP style features four teams all competing against each other in each round. This event qualifies students to go to the National British Parliamentary Championships which will be hosted by the Alberta Debate and Speech Association (ADSA) this year. SEDA will select debaters from the winners to represent Saskatchewan at this national event.

Well done to everyone that participated.

Congratulations to the winners!

Junior Speakers

  1. Sahasro B, Aden Bowman Collegiate
  2. Mahrukh H, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Lucas T, Walter Murray Collegiate

Junior Teams

  1. Sahasro B. & Lucas T, Aden Bowman Collegiate/Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Isabelle M. Mahrukh H, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Grace K.M & Lucas B, Homeschool/École Silverspring School
Senior Speakers

  1. Victor W. & Carrick P, Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Bridgit S, Walter Murray Collegiate
  3. Rafay A, Walter Murray Collegiate

Senior Teams

  1. Victor W. & Carrick P, Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Dishita E. Rafay A, Walter Murray Collegiate
  3. Bridgit S. Kaia B, Walter Murray Collegiate

Reflections from the British Parliamentary Qualifier

I recently discovered a new passion of mine: debate!

When I debated at the Oct. 3rd British Parliamentary (BP) qualifier tournament, that was my first debate tournament as well as my first debate ever in the BP style. My favourite thing about debating in this tournament was being able to learn from others. I was able to see how others composed their speeches and learn how to properly set up my speech, even though the debate was stressful!

I am looking forward to debating in future tournaments since I really love debate, and I want to learn how to become the best debater I can be.

Grace K.M.

Grade 7

Home School

Upcoming Elementary Tournament

Registration deadline is Friday October 16th.

Debaters in grades 5 to 8 are welcome to compete.

There will be two rounds of prepared debate on the motion "This House Prefers Online Education". You can view the tournament information on our website HERE!

Annual General Meeting

The SEDA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday October 20th from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Zoom. Download the details below.

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