Enrichment News

for Classroom Teachers

New “Elementary Enrichment” Website for Students & Parents

The new “Elementary Enrichment” website launched this week. It can be accessed from the Wayne Schools website and each elementary site, by clicking on the tab for “Elementary Enrichment” under “Students.” All students have access to this site; it does not require a password. Students can self-select a variety of challenges to try. If they come to you with any completed challenges, please put them in the enrichment specialist’s mailbox.

There is an announcement on the district website for parents, but the enrichment specialists could use some help spreading the word about the site to the students. Please encourage your students to visit the site and participate in the challenges. If you have a chance to show them how to access the site, that would be great! Students and teachers should be on the lookout for announcements and postings about new opportunities.

Math Challenge Reminders

  • The long and short math challenge materials are available on google docs. If you have trouble locating them, let your enrichment specialist know, and she will assist you.

  • Long challenges should be used for classwork only. Please do not send these home.

  • Your enrichment specialist will be happy to provide you with copies, check any enrichment work your students complete, and provide feedback to your students, as well.

Support Survey's

Watch for brief surveys from time to time from your enrichment specialist, asking about any support she may be able to provide. If you are looking for support at any time, however, you can email your enrichment specialist, and she will be happy to help. You do not need to wait for a survey to request support.

Your Enrichment Specialists

Dana Petrie dpetrie@wayneschools.com Lafayette, Packanack, Pines Lake

Sabrina Bialkin sbialkin@wayneschools.com APT, Fallon, Ryerson

Betsy Freeman bfreeman@wayneschools.com JFK, Randall Carter, Theunis