Are you driving it? or is it driving you?

Google Drive

Location: Computer Lab A115

According to Google:

Google Drive is one place to store all your stuff.

  • Access everything in your Google Drive from all of your devices.
  • Keep files synced. Change something on one device and it changes everywhere.
  • Stop emailing attachments. Start sharing files and folders from any device.
  • Keep collaborating!

FIRST: Watch this short video

Go Google: Google Drive

Ask yourself a few questions about your drive

  1. Can I find files that I need when I need them?
  2. Is my team utilizing shared folders efficiently?
  3. Is my drive as organized as I want it to be?

Some of my favorite google drive things:

A Little Google Drive Humor

Earn Points on Your Adventure

1-point: Reflect on the G+ Community under the Google Drive post, include either one thing you learned about Google Drive that you didn't already know OR one thing you changed, or plan to change, about the way you use Google Drive.
2-points: Reflect on the G+ Community as stated above and email 2 people that don't work at Union Hill to tell them about what you've learned. (This could be someone else in the district that teaches in your department/grade level, a curriculum coach that you've worked with, someone else that might be interested in the topic.) CC: Vanessa or Nicole

Mark your points on the back of your booklet (max two points for this topic). For this part of the adventure, draw a car using the red marker provided at this station.

Brought to you by:

Vanessa and Nicole

We will be wandering around during your adventure to help out!