Jonathan Sendejo


Overpopulation is having an abundance of people that the Earth's resources can't support. If we continue to grow at such a rampant rate we may run out of resources.

The Problem

Overpopulation is one of the biggest environmental problems the world faces today. At the rate the world is populating, we will continue to overuse Earth's resources which will decimate the land area and wreck havoc on the Earth's biodiversity. With the destruction of and we are exterminating many plant and animal species that are vital to the ecosystem. Not only are we draining the Earth's freshwater supplies, we are overfilling land fills with trash and toxic waste. Farmers cannot produce enough crop to feed the population that we currently have. There simply aren't enough resources on Earth to sustain much more population.

How Can We Deal

We have to reduce our population or be more responsible and sparing with the ones we have. We could also keep using the resources in the manner that we are and learn to live with out them. One of the largest contributors to overpopulation is poverty. Those that live under poverty produce more children to provide a bigger income. If we could get some of those out of that situation it would help ours.

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