Eagle Eye E-News, November 17-21

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News


  • 11:30 Rhonda in a meeting off campus
  • Crossing guard appreciation week begins
  • F and P window continues

                    • Grade level meetings with Ms. Allison to discuss upcoming ESOL audit.
                    • Fifth grade to Biltmore Estates (please see information below for help needed with morning car duty)
                    • 3:00 Faculty Meeting: Winthrop will be here to talk about Ebinport becoming a partner school. Employees will complete the survey sent by Dr. Pew (Jennifer Wilson will conduct this portion of our meeting).
                    • 6:00 SIC meeting
                    • 6:30 PTO Meeting

                    • Support Staff Appreciation Day
                    • Birthday Table
                    • 8:00-11:00 Stress Break provided by HealthSource...sign up in the mailbox room for your free stress break (chair massage)! These will be offered again tomorrow for those with afternoon planning.
                    • 2:45 VanderMolen, Pundt and Pezzello check in with Marc Kirsch regarding the social/emotional survey results.
                    • 4:00 Yoga

                    • Thanksgiving Lunch for grades 2, 5 and 4
                    • 7:30 Teacher of the Year Awards Breakfast sponsored by Chamber of Commerce
                    • 9:00 Rhonda in a meeting regarding Ebinport Building and Planning
                    • 9:15 Rhonda in a principal network meeting (yes, I am double booked...still trying to figure this one out :)
                    • 11:00-2:00 Stress Break provided by HealthSource...sign up in the mailbox room for your free stress break (chair massage)!
                    • 6:30 School of Choice Fair

                        • Thanksgiving Lunch for grades 1, K and 3

                        Morning Car Duty on Tuesday

                        With fifth graders leaving at 7:15 for Biltmore on Tuesday we will have no safety patrol for morning car duty. If you are available and willing to come out and greet students and open car doors this morning please come out and lend a helping hand! What a treat it will be for students to have their teachers opening their doors and greeting them first thing in the morning!

                        Those who are able to do this please sign up here...this way we will know who is helping and if we have enough coverage.

                        Also, if you are signed up to help with car duty on Tuesday, please feel free to wear blue jeans. You may even need to dress in layers...it will be chilly :) If you have morning duty inside the building and are unable to help at car duty because of duty inside the building you may also wear jeans on Tuesday!

                        Meeting with Kristen Hahn and Chris Odom

                        Thank you all for your time this week as we met with Kristen Hahn and Chris Odom. We discussed common assessments in every grade level meeting.

                        Kristen will be returning on December 9. Please bring a graded common assessment. Each teacher at your grade level should bring the same common assessment to this meeting.

                        F and P

                        This week you should have received an F and P summary sheet. I know many of you already had a sheet you use to record this information, and having a uniformed recording system here at Ebinport will benefit us all in the long run. Thank you for using this sheet. These will be turned in with your shut down list prior to leaving for Christmas. Click here for an electronic version.

                        Also, there was some conversation about the difference between placement level and instructional level. Read below for information regarding placement level from Barbara Fewell.

                        If you have any questions or concerns please let either myself, Brian or Marco know. We may not have all the answers, but we will work to find them for you!

                        Placement Level

                        Looking Beyond the Numbers

                        The recommended placement level may be the same as the instructional level, but it may differ because of other factors that come out of your analysis. The following are some general factors to think about when using data to select a recommended placement level for the child.

                        * Actual Scores – accuracy and comprehension

                        * Fluency and Phrasing – slow reading generally interferes with comprehension

                        * Text Content – background experience is a critical factor (or lack of background knowledge)

                        * Sources of Information – meaning (M), language structure (S), and visual information (V)

                        * Problem-Solving Actions – processing strategies or problem solving actions

                        * Level of Independence – actively problem solving or simply waiting to be told a word


                        Compared to this time last year we have received half of the amount of office discipline referrals. This is GREAT news for instruction! Thank you for continuing to follow through with your classroom and school wide discipline plan!

                        School of Choice Fair

                        “Choice Fair”

                        Employees who are interested in our “choice” schools for their children will want to attend the “Choice School Fair” from 6:30-8:00 on Thursday evening, Nov. 20, in the gym at Sullivan Middle School. For information on the admission process or the dates when each school of choice will host its own information night (FAQ’s), go to http://www.rock-hill.k12.sc.us/schools/schoolsofchoice.aspx.

                        Ebinport will be represented at this fair. We are excited to offer immersion to kindergarteners from both within our zone and for those that choose us as their school of choice!

                        Notes from Beautifucation Committee

                        Projects in Progress:

                        1. Organize Lost and Found: Unclaimed clothing and other items will be placed on rolling carts on stage. Students and/or parents will be able to reclaim their lost items. (Jane, Melanie & Marti)

                        2. Clean out old clothing closet and cabinets in mailroom. Suggestion: Put those extra clothing for students into the “Teachers’ Lounge Cabinets (Melanie, Marti, & Amy)

                        3. Revisit: Playground Areas to be refurbish: black top for basketball court with an additional basketball hoop; (This is also a Student Council Request. Mrs. Kelsey is looking into this.) – (Sandra & Linda)

                        Projects to Consider:

                        4. Create a memorial for Barbara Oertel - (This is also a Brenda Keeling request.)

                        We could plant a Windmill Palmetto Tree (near the Marsha Dozier Memorial Carolina Fence Garden) with a plaque in honor of Barbara’s work and dedication to our school.

                        (Jane & Jimmy)

                        5. School Grounds - Trash Detail: Create a schedule for upper grade level students to pick up litter from the school ground areas (Jane & Sandra)

                        Notes from Academic Committee

                        -Stacy Doyle updated the committee on information discussed at the district's data meeting.

                        -Discussed Science benchmarks.

                        -At the next meeting, we will continue correlating MAPS scores with F & P data.

                        New Content Standards for ELA and Math Review

                        You may have already heard that standards for next year have been released for review. They can be reviewed until Nov. 30. I sincerely hope that you will take the time to look at these and provide any feedback or suggestions that you may have via the Google Forms linked at the bottom of the page. If you have any trouble viewing these standards please let me know.


                        Ebinport's Vision Statement

                        Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.