Isaac Newton's Heroic Discoveries

By Mary Sullivan

Who was Isaac Newton?

Newton was an English Philosopher, physicist, and mathematician. He is one of the MOST influential scientists of all time. He was born January 4th, 1643 in the United Kingdom. He died at age 84.

What did Newton Accomplish?

His theories are still world known today. One is the three laws of motion. He also helped create the reflecting telescope. Back then they had a refracting telescope, which could never focus enough to get a clear image. His invention had more magnification powers. He also created the formula's in math which are known today as calculus.
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How does his Discoveries and Inventions Effect Life Today?

Isaac Newtons Discoveries impact us SO much. Gravity takes place in every second of life, and without him we wouldn't completely understand it. We also would not know astronomy as well or know how intricate space really is without his help advancing the telescope. This is why I think his discoveries are Heroic.
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