Gifted and Talented Learners

Issues Facing GT Learners

3 Big Ideas

1. Gifted students are not necessarily gifted in every subject. They cannot do it on their own. They have specific needs that need to be met just like other learners in the class.

2. Even students with other learning disabilities can be gifted in certain areas. Just becuase a learner has a disability of some sort does not mean they cannot be gifted.

3. Just because a learner is gifted does not mean they are more socially and emotionally mature. It may seem this way because they achieve at high academic levels, but they are often on the same emotional and social level as their peers.

2 Questions

1. Becuase of their high levels of academic achievement, do some gifted learners have trouble making friends and fitting into a normal classroom?

2. What can educators do to challenge gifted learners in a general classroom setting?

1 Action to Take

I will allow my learners to use their strengths to learn in a way that fits them.