Salutations from Watauga County, NC

Home of the beautiful water

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In the middle of Ashe County, Wikes County, Caldwell County, Avery County and Johnson County, located in the mountains, you will find Watauga County.


Watauga was founded in 1849. It is named for the Watauga River, whose name is said to be a Native American word for beautiful water which Watauga has much of! Boone which is the County seat is named after Daniel Boone the famous pioneer and explorer.

What is there to do?

Watauga county is known for it's beautiful waters and parks. Activitys vary from camping, youth and adult athletics, special programs like the Speical Olympics, aquatics to summer youth camps.

Tourist Attractions

What is Boone's Government like?

Boone operates under a mayor-council government. The city council consists of 5 members. The mayor presides over the council and casts a vote on issues only in the event of a tie. The county Manager is Deron Geoque.