Morrison's Technology Tips

2014- 2015 School Year

What sites do you use in your classroom?

I have come across some really great websites that you can use in your classroom. How are you using technology in your classroom? Are there tools that you use in your classroom that would be great for others to use? Please remember to share your resources with your co-workers. By sharing your resources, you ensure that all students have access to great technology websites and tools. If you have some sites that you would like for me to feature in a future publication, please email me at


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Ipad Managment Tip

1. Assign students in each class to a specific iPad. Make sure they use the same iPad each time. (Optional: Have a iPad check-in/check-out person in each class)

2. Circulate around the room as student use the iPad.

3. Use a countdown procedure to have students stop using the iPad (Flip it Fast! If a student is not on task, just slide the app up with four finger to open the last apps used.

4. Take the iPad away from student’s who is playing on it or not handling it with care. Have book work, a worksheet, etc. for them to do or allow them to look on with another student. Have them earn the iPad back. It is a privilege.

5. You can save a website to the iPad screen for students to access at all times on the iPad. Open Safari, type in the website then, click the bookmark icon and select save to Home Screen.

6. Make sure students have cleaned their hands with anti-bacterial hand soap.

7. Beware of student’s logging out of the school district iTunes and into their own.

8. At the end of each week have a student helper(s) check the iPads Photo Library in order to make sure that there are no inappropriate photos or videos stored on the iPads. If found they should be deleted immediately.

9. Place the correct iPad in the correct slot each time.

10. Make sure to plug the iPad cart up before you leave for the day to recharge them.

11. Start check in 10 minutes before the class period ends.