Quitters Inc.

By Stephen King

Plot Line


In the beginning of the story, Morison is at the airport and meets his friend Jimmy who refers him to a programme to help him stop smoking. The only suspicious thing is that Jimmy can't tell Morison anything about the programme.

Rising Action

The Rising action begins when Morison goes to the company that provides the programme and finds out the suspicious success rate. After he signs a contract that prohibits telling others about what they do in the programme, he finds out that they are very crude and brutal in their methods. If he smokes, they will shock his wife with electricity. If he continues to smoke, they will beat up his autistic son and eventouallly kill them all.


I think that the climax is when Morison finally cracks. The people who run the programme go to his house and take his wife. Then they force him to watch as she is electrocuted. Then instead of being mad at him, his wife decides that she will forgive him, and that they will work thought his together.

Falling Action

A while later, Morison is called by the people who run the programme and they tell him that he has finished the program and that now he will enter the weight loss programme. If he goes over weight then his wives finger will be cut off. He stays under weight and is a lot healthier and even gets a promotion.


Morison is meeting a friend who smokes and he actually recommends this programme, saying, "It changed my life!" After that, he is meeting with Jimmy (the one from the beginning) and he shakes hands with his wife and realizes that she is missing a finger.


The theme of this story is that you should always know what you're getting into. Morison didn't, and even though he stopped smoking, he put his family in danger.

Major Characters

The two major characters are Danatti and Morison. The protagonist and antagonist (consecutively,) because Morison is the main character and the story is told from his point of view, and Danatti is terrorizing him by threatening his family.



Major Conflect

Internal Conflect

Morrison is having an internal conflict within himself throughout most of the book. He is battling his addiction to smoking and his weight.

External Conflict

At the same time as he is having an internal conflict with himself. He is also having an external conflict with Danatti, who is the major antagonist in this story.

Literary Device


One really compelling literary device that the author used is when he said, "The voice was as cold as shaved ice." This is a unique metaphor that gives some indirect characterization to Danatti.

Most Compelling part of story.

I think that the most compelling part of this story is after Cindy (Morison wife) forgives after being electrocuted. This is especially compelling because it shows how much they love each other because even though Morison's weakness lead her to be electrocuted, she wasn't mad. She instead decided to support Morrison in his struggle to quit smoking. This also lead to him not having any more slip ups.