Sir Isaac Newton

"The natural philosopher"

The Beginning of Isaac Newton

Date of Birth: December 25th 1642

Death: March 20 1727

County of Origin: London, England

Education: degree in mathematics, physics and astronomy; he went to Trinity college; advanced the work of previous scientists (law of motion including law of gravity); received bachelors degree in 1665

Family: his dad died two months before he was born; when he was 3 his mom remarried and moved away leaving Isaac with his grandmother; after his stepfather died, his mom returned and pulled Isaac out of school to help run family farm; age of 19 entered trinity college

Where he worked or taught: while in trinity college he worked as a servant to pay for college since his mom wouldn't pay for it; worked at Cambridge university as a member of parliament; in 1696 he moved to London as warden or the royal men; became master of the mint in 1699

Major discoveries/Contribution to the science of astronomy

created the reflecting telescope; first person to explain tides scientifically; advanced the work of previous scientists (law of motion including law of gravity)

Did you know…

-Sir Isaac Newton isn't actually a scientist… is actually a natural philosopher

-Sir Isaac Newton was a very religious person and considered his investigations of the natural world to be completely compatible with his faith


"Plato is my friend - Aristotle is my friend - but my greatest friend is truth"

Personal or Professional Challenges

His dad died before he was born; Gottfried Leibniz was believed to have stolen his discovery of calculus.