Laney's Tips and Tricks

Written By: Laney Wade

Welcome To Laney's Tips and Tricks!

Hi, my name is Laney Wade and I am and 8th grade student. One of my classes this year is Fashion 101. In this class we have talked about many things some of them including; Fashion History, Sketching and Design, Sewing Construction, Interior Design, and Advertising and Marketing. As the semester sadly comes to an end, I am here to tell you all that I have learned and the importance of knowing some of these house hold skills.

Fashion History

Most teenagers these days know what is cool and what is not, so they know what is a fad and what isn't. If you don't already know, a fad is something that people temporarily love and is in style for a short amount of time. For example, fanny packs. But what most people forget about is the classic style. The classics are something that never go out of style, things that are simple, and mostly things that might change a little but for the most time will stay the same forever. Lots of different styles where experienced in the 1970s, things like pantsuits for men and women and that was a big deal because women did not wear pants back then, only dresses or skirts. Hip huggers were also very popular. Hip huggers are something that like they say in the name tight around the hips and thighs and when they get below your knee they will flare out. Those are example of fads because these days most of the time you don't see anyone wearing hip huggers.
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Sewing Construction

Sewing this semester was one of my most favorite thing to do. My grandmother sews and taught me how to when I was younger so I came into this class having a little bit of background knowledge, but that wasn't required. One of the projects we did was making a pencil bag. One of the biggest problems with making the bag was that some people would sew it the wrong direction. For example, pretty side to pretty side when really you want to do ugly to ugly. The video below will describe what i mean a little bit better.
How to Sew a Zipper Pouch

Advertising and Marketing

If you have created a product that you are really proud of and believe that other people would like it enough to buy it then you need to advertise your product. One tip that sometimes people will forget to do is have an endorsement. If you don't already know what an endorsement is, it is when a celebrity will advertise your product, whether its on T.V or simply saying something about your product after they give their speech at an award show. My advise is to make sure you have someone good to endorse it because if you see Justin Bieber using something you will more than likely want it more.
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Interior Design

Interior Design was definitely a important thing to learn about. It taught me how to make a small room look bigger just by what colors you use and how you choose to arrange each furniture piece in the room. If you use light calming colors and have natural light shining into your room it may make it seem bigger than it is. If the colors are dark like red it may seem smaller and evoke different emotions. The first picture you see below is a calming room, the second room you see is more loving and dark.
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Sketching and Design

Sketching and Design is another important part of making your product. In order to make the product you have to have an idea first. If you want to make something like a dress you more than likely want to do the front and the back so when you are stitching the dress you don't get to the back and have no idea what kind of back you want to do, so draw and front and back before you start sewing. A fun fact is if you really enjoy drawing and creating things and you want to color your design you can use different kind of pencils to shade in different ways to get a different texture for each part of your outfit, and then it can really come alive.