Needs Assessment 101

EDUC 631


McCawley, P. F. () (2009). [0]. Retrieved from

Assignment Information

  • determine the current status / achievement level of school
  • using data, determine areas that need to be improved
  • try to collect at least three years of data to support your claim
  • triangulate data
  • make plan from data

Work in cooperative groups! - smarter, not harder


Why a needs assessment is important: (to you and your school)

  • impact on curriculum
  • approaches to curriculum
  • awareness of curriculum
  • focus on outcomes
  • credibility on curriculum

(McCawley, 2009, pg. 3)

"Chunking" Your Needs Assessment

  • What is What - determining the direction your team wants to go
  • Data - aggregate and analyze
  • Decisions

Steps to Completing a Needs Assessment

***Remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" to do a needs assessment - the needs assessment needs to be customized to your school's needs.

  1. As a group, determine what you objectives you want your needs assessment needs to do. Write targeted objectives after your group has agreed on them. (These objectives should be targeted.) Plan with the END in mind. A timeline with specific goals would be helpful.
  2. Select your audience - whose needs will you be measuring? Who will receive the information from the needs assessment when it has been completed?
  3. D A T A... (don't worry - be happy)
  • What data will you need?
  • How will the data align to the objectives from your team?
  • What tools will be used to collect your data? (Qual vs. Quan...surveys (likert scale - who will interpret your data?
4. Quality Assurance (how will you be kept off of rabbit trails?

5. Follow-up?