By: Austin. S


When an updraft becomes a downdraft and strikes the ground a tornadoe forms. When a tornadoe apears it wont go away for atleast 1-2 days. A tornado can destroy peoples houses. A tornado will break apart everything in its path. Most tornadoes occur in the united states. Only some tornadoes appear every else. Some tornadoes never hit the ground.


When the lava deep inside the earth gets out it makes a valcano then it will erupt. A valcano wont stop throwing lava around until all the lava in it is gone. If lava hits a human that human will burn to death. If you find a volcano run away from it and dont stop running until your so far that you cant see the volcano.


A hurricane forms over the middle of the ocean. If you look over top of it you see an eye .A hurricane can suck any human in and swing them around in circles.It will destroy houses and kill alot of people. A hurricane can blow the roof off your house and a hurricane can cause a flood.