Hello everyone. We hope you are staying safe, happy, and healthy. We want to thank all those who served in the United States Armed Forces for their service, sacrifice, and bravery. The Fall holidays are approaching so please plan accordingly. Please remember to social distance during these current times that we are in and also be cognizant of the COVID-19 protocols. We are wishing that all of you have a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. We look forward to seeing you when you return. Be well! - H. Ward

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HCS Child Nutrition Program Staff U.S. Armed Forces Veterans


  • CNP meal service this school year

Our staff served thousands of meals since school started on August 17, 2020. Up until this point, we have executed 245,900 breakfasts, 289,086 lunches, and 76,241 suppers. The overall total count has been 611,247 meals served.

  • HCS E-Learning Days on November 23 and November 24

The HCS CNP staff will be serving meals curbside at all district school sites during the E-learning days in November. Meals will be served from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Meals will include breakfast & lunch or breakfast, lunch, and supper depending on the school site.

Whole grains have been linked to cardiovascular health benefits, such as reduced levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides and reduced risk of CV-related deaths. Registered dietitian nutritionist Elizabeth Ward noted that, despite the greater benefits of whole grains, refined grains still have helpful nutrients and shouldn't be completely removed from one's diet.



Ms. Rhonda Butler has been with the Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program (CNP) for over 23 years. She currently works at Lee High school. She is originally from Huntsville, Alabama but she has also lived in Toney, Alabama. She is divorced and has two children named Ashley and Kelly. She also has 6 grandchildren and she is raising three of them. Their names are Hannah, Kelley, and Alyssa.

Rhonda describes herself as an easy-going person who gets along with everyone. Before working in CNP, Rhonda was employed at Piggly Wiggly a grocery store chain. The thing that Rhonda likes most about her job is the children that she feeds. When Rhonda is not working, she participates in sports where all her grandkids are very involved. Rhonda says that she is motivated to perform her job because it lets her know that the children that she feeds will have food and she gets to show them that she loves them. The highlight of Rhonda’s CNP career is being with the children and knowing that they miss her when she is not there at work. Rhonda is a pet owner with two dogs and her favorite food is pizza.

Rhonda expresses that she is very good at assisting other people. Her favorite music is country and old Gospel music. If she were not working in CNP then Rhonda states that she would be working in a Day Care for children. Rhonda does not have any hobbies as she is devoted to being a part of all of her grandchildren’s sporting events. Rhonda feels that CNP is important because a lot of the kids do not receive meals at home and CNP is a way to ensure that students attain meals and do not go hungry.


Mrs. Roshun Langford-Manning - CNP Supervisor of The Month - Providence Elem.

Ms. Indira Passee - CNP Worker of the Month - Academy for Academics & Arts


Sheila Shockley 11/1

Vivian Turner 11/1

Gwen Graham 11/11

Martha Mangrum 11/16

Tamika Herron 11/29


Lynthia Hayden 26 years

Latoya Jennings 22 years

Mitzi Brewer 21 years

Tamika Herron 15 years

Doris Mcleod 14 years

Semyra Acklin 14 years

Ingrid Lawler 7 years

Roshun Langford-Manning 4 years

Wanda Akukwe 4 years

Jennifer Jones 3 years

Pam Horton 3 years

Vivian Turner 3 years

Kimberly James 2 years

Michelle Bunnell 2 years

Indira Passée 2 years

Visiting Dietetic Intern - Ms. Rosee Thompson

We have a visiting Dietetic intern at Monte Sano Elementary. Her name is Rosee Thompson and she attends Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. Dietetic internships are important as they prepare future dietitians for the rigors of a fast-paced working environment and how to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities that are required by employed registered dietitians.


Rainda Ruth - Farley Elementary

Christy Gunter - Jemison High/Mcnair Junior

Sara Parker - Grissom High

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