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Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2019

Women often dread being asked to serve as a bridesmaid because they don't want to wear a dress that fails to flatter them in any way. However, bridesmaid dresses have come a long way over the years and are now more fashionable than ever before, according to this Source. In fact, these dresses are so gorgeous that many women wear them again and again after the wedding is over. What can women expect to see what it comes to these dresses in 2019?

Forget Floor-Length

One reason many women don't like having to purchase a bridesmaid dress is they have no need for a floor-length gown. This is simply not something they will wear more than once. This year many of the dresses will hit just below the knee or at mid-calf, making them suitable for a wide variety of occasions. Women find they can wear the dress repeatedly and not feel out of place when doing so.

The Bared Shoulder

Women everywhere are wearing cold shoulder tops or those that leave one or both shoulders bare while still providing some type of support on the shoulders such as a strap of fabric. Certain females dread strapless dresses as they don't provide the support they need, and they'll love the bridesmaid dress trend as it leaves only one shoulder bare. Some are form-fitting, others drape, but all look great on the wearer.

Tiered Skirts

Bridal gowns often come with tiered skirts and now bridesmaids may have a dress of this type too. This feature offers a dramatic touch to the dress and looks great when the wedding party takes to the dance floor. Some dresses feature traditional tiers that move down the legs in straight lines, but other dresses feature asymmetrical tiers that may better flatter the bridesmaids. Be sure to check both out.

Visit this Source to learn more about upcoming trends in bridesmaid dresses. You'll be surprised to find what you learn. In fact, you may even hope to be asked to serve in this role simply so you can buy one of these dresses and justify the price without feeling guilty. They are simply that amazing in every way.