Remote Learning Model Updates

Hello, Remote families.

Remote Learning has been a necessary part of school this year for many of our students. It has not been easy, but we hope that things have become more consistent as the semester has progressed.

Surveys were sent out in November to gauge the number of students who will want to return to traditional learning in the second semester. Thank you for participating in this survey, as it has helped us in determining logistics related to both traditional and remote options. More information will be communicated by the district about future requests, dates, and intentions related to traditional and remote learning options.

The 1st semester ends on January 15th. Those choosing to attend school in the traditional model will begin at school after January 15th, but will need to continue with Remote instruction until then using the Week at a Glance, Google Classroom, or other modes of learning identified by your teachers.

For students staying Remote for second semester, it is important that you continue to stay connected with your classes through the Week at a Glance. Parents, please continue in your role as Learning Partner, but ensuring your students are logging in and checking work daily. Setting up a daily routine for learning, studying, communicating, as well as structured play are important to success in this environment.

We have updated some of our resource links on the Remote Learning website ( Tutorials and access to online resources are available in the 'Academics' tab. 'Quick Links' at the bottom of the site will take you to Sign Up links for our secondary (6-12) tutoring for Math and English support.

If you have technical support needs, please contact your base school and they will get you in touch with their technician, or can arrange for a swap of device if you are having hardware issues.

Thank you for your patience and hard work in making this year the best it can be for our students. Parents, your support as learning coaches is invaluable in this process, and has made a world of difference, and you are appreciated.


High School students:

Exams are January 12-15th. There is a review day on Monday, January 11th. You are encouraged, if possible and practical, to take exams on campus. You will have the option to take them online as well. Also, if you would like to attend the review day on Jan. 11th at school, you may do so as well.


Big picture


We have found these things to be good expectations and practices for success Remote Learning:

  • Treating the day as much like a school day as possible and finding a routine with time and breaks to manage the workload and stay connected.
  • Use Google Classroom and the WAAG document in your courses to map out your week and assignments/assessments.
  • Understanding that teachers are teaching during the day, and communication by email or message may take time to get a response. It may not be immediate.
  • Reach out to the teacher or school if you are having troubles. We want to support you.
  • Your school counselors are available to you each day. Let them know if you need their support.


  • We are continuously working to streamline Google Classroom to make it more efficient and easy to navigate across courses and grade levels.
  • We are working to be more consistent with the WAAG in both how is appears to you, the student/parent, and it being as static (not changing) as possible throughout a week.
  • We are giving grace with timelines and make-up work as we are all getting used to the timing of instruction and individual circumstances.
  • We are continuously looking for ways to connect. When there are Meets, or chats, we hope you will participate.