Mrs. Bailey's Brains!

York Road's Finest!

Dynamite Dividers!

Problem solving isn't stopping these dividers! Each day our class is using many strategies to solve complex math problems! We are talking daily about how great mathematicians explain their thinking by using words, pictures or visuals, and numbers. These students have tackled some really tough problems this week!

Check out our problem from math this week below!

Wheeling Around

Margaret visited the Wheel Shop one afternoon. She walked into a room that contained both bicycles and go carts. Each bicycle and go cart in the shop had 1 seat. She counted 18 seats in the room. She also noticed that there were twice as many bikes as go carts. Ater looking at the wheels, Margaret realized there were an equal number of bike wheels and go cart wheels in the room. How many bikes and go cas were in the room? Write an explanation to show your thinking.

Summarizing our Stories!

This week, our class is focusing on the skill of summarizing! We are using story pyramids, story wheels and the 5W questions (who, what, when, where, why) to help us focus our thoughts of a book into a summary! We are combing this strategy with our reading and writing as we continue to investigate what makes a writers writing GREAT! Our class has had many discussions this week and looked carefully at pieces of writing to uncover how to add variety to our sentences and how to add variety to sentence lengths .Ask your child to use one of see strategies with you after their nightly reading.

Congratulations !

Way back in November, our class began taking timed multiplication test! Recently, several class members completed their final timed test showing they are truly Multiplication Masters! Up next for these guys and gals...division timed test! Great Job Grady, Olivia, Keegan, Cayce and Margaret!

Resident Experts!

Our class has already begun to have discussions about the Civil War. We are reading tons of literature, creating works through technology and researching different parts of this historic event. In the next few weeks, your child will be deciding an area of focus for their Resident Expert Civil War Project. Through learning about many areas of this time period, students will be able to create multiple products to showcase their expertise in an area! It will be a lot of hard work that will involve technology, deep thinking and creativity! Stay tuned for more details about this exciting project!

Rocks and Minerals

We are becoming Rock Stars! Just this week our, our class began investigating minerals to distinguish their individual properties! Did you know some minerals are smelly? There are some minerals that are shiny and others that are very dull. Our scientific investigations will continue for the upcoming weeks!

Up and Coming Events

Feb. 1 - PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Feb. 22- 2:30-5:00 School Dance sponsored by the PTA

March 21- Bingo Night and Silent Auction

More information coming home soon regarding these events!