Darren Bollinger

What is a chupacabra?

This is the infamus el chupacabra it has been said to be the devils pet or a better known name In spainish (goat sucker). This creature stalks its pray by night and sucks out its victoms blood with its teeth not leaving a single drop it its corpse know one knows why it does such a thing but then again its never been confronted while commeting its averge every day crimes.


University of michagans oconner a grad student from texas Made a presetation on a mythtical monster so he decide to do chupacabra do to his so called run in with the creatre years before. His run in happend on his birthday in 2000 when he went out side to shut his car door after going into town to get some grocceries there was a strange animal walking around his car asuming it was a ratcoon of some sort but when he saw it he knew it wasnt no coon.


  • Said to be a dog looking animal and acting to.
  • Looks as if it has a bad case of mange.
  • Picks up its food with its hands like a person.


  • An alein from space
  • Someones cat
  • A russion sience experiment gone wrong
  • The worlds uglyist dog


Chupacabra is classifeid as a mythical monster still, because it does not have many others of its kind so it cannot ledgedly a true speices its still just that gross looking animal thing.