7 Mindsets

A Life Changing Revolution

The 7 Mindsets make our halls merry and bright

Were you one of the many schools that started the year by implementing lessons in individual classrooms and now you see the need for vertical conversations with students? Or were you a school that decided that after implementing school-wide that you wanted to continue the great instruction and, at the same time, take a step back and focus on a 7 Mindsets book study with your teachers? Every school is a little bit different in their approach. What we do have in common is the 7 mindsets language and the love that we have for the students that the message is reaching. May we all believe that in working together everything is possible!

7 Mindset Sightings

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them."- Magic Johnson

The image below showcases an idea that teachers have used in their grade level teams and with their students. When teachers complete the lessons together before they complete them with their students the conversations are richer and the relationships are stronger.

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"I love talking to our kids about seeing people live out their passions everyday! The man scooping ice cream and singing, the lady collecting money at the parking deck with a huge smile, and the man playing the saxophone for people passing by... they all love what they are doing and they are sharing it with others! Passion First!"- Chattahoochee Elementary teacher