The Middle Colonies Want You!

Better then the rest!


Are you a well-known farmer? If so, come to the Middle Colonies! Our farmers have a longer growing seasons due to the favorable land, climate, and rich, fertile soil. Farms typically grow main cash crops such as wheat, rice, and tobacco. We are also known as "the bread basket" colony because of the amazing wheat growth. This colony also contains many skilled artisans and German craftsman.

Political Systems and Slavery

Government and Slaves

The Middle Colonies contain legislators, governors, and we also have a Bill of Rights. Although we have somewhat of a Democracy, there are also proprietary colonies. These are colonies that receive more land in return for a yearly payment to the King. To inform you about, we also have slaves in most parts for us Middle Colonists. The African-American slaves take up more than 25% of our population. They are very helpful in the sense is that they help our farmers take care and harvest the land, which in the end, will make you more money due to the high amount of staff.