Registerd Nursing

Assisting you when in need!

What do they do?

  • assess patient health problems and needs
  • develop and implement nursing care plans
  • maintain medical records
  • assists doctors and surgeons

What are the working conditions?

  • work in hospitals, physician's offices, home healthcare services
  • nursing care facilities
  • may also work in correctional facilities, schools, summer camps, and with the military

What are the physical demands?

  • you have to be willing to walk around a lot
  • standing for long periods of time
  • be able to lift and move patients

How to prepare?

  • get your high school diploma or GED
  • attend college for a degree

What kind of licensing or certification is required?

  • high school diploma or GED
  • bachelors degree
  • associates degree

How much do you earn?

Median wage:

  • $31.10 per hour
  • $64,690 per year

How many people are employed in this occupation in Minnesota and nationally?

Minnesota: 68,738 registered nurses

Nationally: 2,724,570 registered nurses



  • job security
  • flexible hours
  • variety of jobs that require nursing
  • long working hours
  • student loans and schooling can be long and expensive

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