November 2015

Hour of Code is December 7-13

You don't have to have computers for every student to participate in the national Hour of Code - gives many different ways you can participate in this national event. The best part about it? This years focuses on STAR WARS and how the newest movie, The Force Awakens, used many different types of computer software to create the film. Students will get to create their own games.
The Hour of Code 2015 - WORLDWIDE
Star Wars - Hour of Code: Introduction

Getting Students to Tweet to a Class Twitter Account

Connecting with students where they learn is important - getting them to Tweet about more than what they had for lunch or their weekend plans can be a daunting task, especially if you think about all they could say before you look at it. Well, here is a way that allows students to submit Tweets via Google Forms and have them automatically moderated and Tweeted through a class Twitter account - think of how great it will be to have them "talking" in an environment they like to look at without a ton of extra time! You can go here to see the step by step blog post.
The Schoencast 02: Form to Twitter Automation

Chrome Tips: Screenshots and Zooming

Need to create a screenshot or a partial screenshot? Then use these shortcuts.

Full Screen - CTRL + F5 (Saves to the Download folder)
Partial Screen - CTRL + Shift + F5 The mouse becomes a cross-hair and you can click and drag the cursor over the area you want to turn in to a screenshot. Release the mouse and the screenshot is taken. (Saves to the Download folder)

Need your screen to be larger or smaller? Press CTRL + Shift + + to increase the size and CTRL + Shift + - to decrease the size.

Thanks to Sherrie Orr (ITS) for reminding me about these features that can make life easier!

Need a better way to know who is coming to Tutorials?

Thanks to my new friend Lori Berney (PreAP Biology Teacher here at GHS), I have found a new way students can "book" time so you know when they are coming in for tutorials, retakes, etc. It is called and so far, I love it! Below is a video and a link as to how you can use it.

Canvas Klatch is expanding

I will be offering more Canvas meetings; Instructional Technology has asked that I offer them at the other high schools and the PDC as well. I will send out a calendar, but I will be hosting them on different days depending on the location.

Need more information?

Please contact me if you would like help with any of the above or anything else technology related!