The Most Dangerous Game

the hunter being the hunted

you should read this book if your interested in a different type of hunting game.

The Most Dangerous Game is an odd book. You will most likely be shocked on what they hunt and how the book ends.

Every Monday in room L201, at Wilson highschool !

Some of our top instructors are Mr. Pichardo he is a very fluent reader

This book club is guaranteed to be relaxing and fun !

Some people asked ..

What is the new type of animal they hunt?

General hunts humans

Where does General live?

General lives on an Island called Ship wreck

Do people know that he hunts humans?

No one knows who he hunts and about the General he is a very private person and always wins his game so now one leaves the island to tell about what he does. A lot of people are scared of the island because who ever goes there never comes back.