Social Committee Newsletter


Another school year is coming to a close. I can't believe that the school year has gone by so fast. You are an amazing team to work with and it is awesome to know that our students here at Berkman are getting the BEST! For those that will be leaving us you will be missed. I know you will go on to do great things and inspire other children where ever you are. For those of us coming back next year lets make it another great year full of excitement and teamwork. Thanks for all you do.
World Without Teachers

May Happenings

*Nurses Week= May 6-12 (Office Staff Responsible)

*Cafeteria Workers= May 5th

*Dessert Bar

*Monthly Faculty Meeting Treats= 1st grade

*End of Year Celelbration

May Birthdays

06 Teresa Aguilera

13 Valerie Loft

22 Carla de Pina

29 Maximino Rodriguez

29 Schuyler Gibbons

June Birthdays

07 Elizabeth Morales

08 Allie Duffy

13 Sarah Livingston

15 Chellie Forbes

17 Megan Kuntz

24 Patrick Addison

26 Maria Felix

28 Jennifer Simmons

July Birthdays

2 Gabriela Renteria

3 Briana Malia

7 Cheryl Baker

8 Dawn Duty

14 Annette Santiago

17 Nicole Bowen

21 Mary Ferrales

28 Julianne Bamford

29 Betty Pina

31 Penny Oates

August Birthdays

4 Deborah Murray

10 Patricia Horton

12 Kathy Cawthron

14 Roseann Mendez

17 Nancy Smith

22 Maria Garza

27 Rachel Hernandez

31 Hector Negrete

Pat on the Back

*3rd grade team: I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate all of you. You have been an amazing, supportive, and wonderful group of people to work with. I am forever grateful for each of you! :) -Megan Kuntz

*I would to give a special shout out to all staff members involved with STAAR testing in any way: teaching, intervening, walking the halls, covering RR breaks. This is hard, exhausting work, and I know you are all committed to doing the best work you can with our students.

I see you! I see this work you are doing! Thank you so much.-Penny Oats

*I just want to thank everyone again for being so supportive during this difficult time for my family. I especially want to thank my team and the coaches for taking care of my class while I was out. I was able to focus on family knowing that my Berkman peeps had my back here at school. You all are an amazing group of people to work with. I feel so blessed!-Charlotte Young

*Great job to the Social Studies vertical team for a great Multicultural Night! Your hard work and effort made Berkman shine!-Charlotte Young

*I would like to give my team a pat on the back for all of their help and support for our field day. I couldn't do it with out you!! - Livingston

A pat on the back to Mrs. Hernandez for always being so kind. We are blessed to have you on our campus! - Livingston

Wardrobe Wednesday

May 4=Multi Color Day (Where something that has lots of different colors)

May 11= Black and white stripes

May 18= Neon Colors

May 25=Floral Print day

Launch Teacher Joke

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