All lives matter

Don't be outrageous , racism is contagious

Our purpose is to inform and educate the public about race and ethnic cultures

The purpose of informing the public about ethnic cultures is to unify everyone. No one should have to feel excluded just because of their culture or their skin color. In the end we are all the same. Our organization is dedicated to help unify and lend a helping hand to the public.

Ways we are educating people today.

Stop Racism Now!

We can stop racism by using some of the philosophies used that MLK gave to us in his great life. Everyone can help by just treating everyone the way you want to be treated. If we do this we can stop racism all together.
Anti-Racism Awareness Video

Discussion Questions

In your opinion do you think that there is still racism in this country?

if there is racism in your community, What actions will you take to stop racism in your community?