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To use QR Codes, and Computer Programing in the classroom the skill of Digital Citizenship needs to be taught in order to use these and other technologies in the classroom. Digital Citizenship is having the knowledge of or the teaching of the use technology responsibly. QR Codes are digital readable codes that provide instant access to information and is readable with camera on a smart devices. Computer Programing is a process that creates original formulations to run a program. Computer Programming is used everyday in technology. In this newsletter, you will find the responses of school teachers about these technologies.

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QR Codes

QR Codes are mainly used for shopping or in restaurants, but who knew QR Codes can be used in the classroom to help teachers! In this survey, I asked teachers if they have ever used QR Codes. The question wasn’t directed to QR Codes being used in the classroom, just a general knowledge of what they are. I had 52 teachers respond to my question. 30 teachers knew what a QR Codes are, and 22 did not know what QR Codes are. That is over 50% who know what QR Codes are! That’s a great start!

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QR Code Survey

QR Codes are used for many different things. Since 50% of teachers who took this survey know what QR Codes are, then they understand that these codes are everywhere. 2 out of 21 teachers who replied to this survey have never used QR Codes. 7 out of 21 teachers said that they have used QR Codes in the sense of shopping or out of the classroom setting. 2 out of 21 teachers responded that they have used QR Codes, but were limited to devices in the classroom. 2 out of 21 teachers stated that they know what QR codes are, but they have never use them before.

Computer Programming

Computer programming and coding is not something a lot of teachers decide to use in the classroom. Is it because they do not want to or they simply do not know what it is? After seeing the results of the survey many teachers have no idea what coding is or how it can be used. 41 teachers out of 51 ,80.4%, never use coding in the classroom, only 3 said they used it all the time. When further asking the question why do you not use it in the classroom, many responded with they have no idea what it is. If the teachers have no information about it, then how would they know how to incorporate it in the classroom, or what subject you could teach it in. Computer programming sounds intimidating, and I believe many teachers stay away from it because they do not realize how kid friendly it can be. With great apps and online websites teachers can teach coding from K-12th grade.

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Digital Citizenship

Introducing the skill of digital citizenship to students today is very important. If they are taught these skills they can use the internet, communicate, and use any technology safely and responsibly. In the survey sent out to school teachers, the question,” Do you use a digital citizenship curriculum or any lessons to prepare students for using technology in class? If yes, what do you use?” we only received 14 responses. The response was half and half with 7 being yes, and 7 being no. For the teachers that answered yes, none of them used the same lessons to prepare students for using technology. The teachers used TPACK coach, Chrome Books, Signed contracts by students,, common sense, teacher made lesson, and online resources. When asked if they would be interested in learning more about digital citizenship curriculum available for the grade range that they teach, 34 (66.7%) said yes and 17 (33.3%) said they would not be interested.

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Wrapping Things Up!

In conclusion, many teachers know that QR Codes can be used in the classroom setting! Teachers are also intimidated by Computer Programing, because they do not have enough information about it. Digital Citizenship should be required by all teachers to integrate into their curriculum.
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