The Rise Report

June 2022

Summer is my most favorite of all of the seasons. Our beautiful sun is out in full force and nature has so much to share, symbolizing the end of the school year. As we wind down to the close of the 2021-2022 school year, I am reminded of all of the ways that our community has demonstrated resilience and compassion. Whether it was assisting each other in carpooling through our PTA during the bus shortage, laminating thousands of cardstock for our literacy department, or showing up to support our incredible scholars during our Presentation of Learnings, our Rise community has come together to share in our common mission: to empower young girls through authentic STEM and leadership opportunities with the conviction that we will revolutionize the STEM industry. I speak confidently for the entire Rise team when I say that we couldn’t have asked for better partners in this work. Thank you, Rise families and community members for being a part of the movement - we can’t wait to continue this work together as we shift into a new school year!

FCPS Minecraft Mission to Mars

Last month, scholars worked on a Minecraft Mission to Mars competition in Makerspace. Ten scholars submitted a video tour to the district challenge. Six top videos were chosen and two of our Rise scholars, Sullivyn Hulse and Bushra Bekkouche. After everyone in the district had a chance to watch and vote on their favorite, Sullivyn Hulse was announced the overall winner of the competition. Congrats to everyone that participated!!

Horsin' Around

The Rise HorsePlay Foal is finished! What a fun project. A big THANK YOU to the parents who assisted with this project. All students helped with sanding, priming, and painting the foal purple! Then, every student put their finger print on the foal. To finish, Malaiya Mobley wrote the Rise pledge, Bushra Bekkouche painted the dark purple tail and hooves, Olivia Long painted the Rise Logo, and Josie Yeast and Grace Gallagher painted STEM objects! We can't wait to see it out and about around town!
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The Green Team will race Saturday, June 4th at Kroger Field. You can cheer them on beginning at 9AM. Go Team Go!!
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DoJo Store

The Rise PBIS DoJo Store is an incentive program implemented this year. When scholars make good choices they earn DoJo points. The points earned can be spent on items or scholars may choose to save their points for a more expensive item. Students use math skills to determine if they have enough points to make the purchase.

Field Trip

The 1st grade visited Lexington's Living Arts & Science Center this past month. They enjoyed lots of activities like creating color wheels and abstract art. They explored the planetarium and listened to a really cool story about a coyote. They experienced 3D printers, video games, a light box, and building with legos. The day wrapped up with a picnic. Lots of learning taking place while having lots of fun!
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Third Grade has had some awesome guest speakers this month, Monet from Seedleaf taught us how to compost.

Austyn Gaffney came in to teach our girls about environmental journalism and how to develop interview questions!

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