Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Giving your loved ones the farewell that they deserve

Considering Your Loved Ones Wishes

What type of service would your loved one choose if they could? We offer a variety of packages with the option to customize any aspect. Most major religions can be accommodated on any budget. Choose what is best not only for your dearly departed, but also for those who will miss them most.

Package Options

We're Here For You

We accommodate:

  • Christian Funerals and Cremations
  • Jewish Funerals and Cremations
  • Atheist Funerals and Cremations

What We Offer:

For Burials:
  • Removal of the deceased
  • Preparation of the body for viewing
  • Wide variety of caskets
  • Viewing and receiving gallery for the family of the deceased
  • Transportation to burial plot
  • Undertaking service
  • Wide variety of headstones with customized engraving available

For Cremations:
  • Removal of the deceased
  • Cremation services
  • Collection of the cremains
  • Wide variety of urns
  • Access to local columbariums



Christian Services

What We Offer:

  • Clergy contacts
  • Obituary help
  • Funeral and Memorial church services (entirely inside of your local church)
  • Preferred Bible readings
  • Other preferred readings
  • Access to local cemeteries and columbariums

Jewish Services

What We Offer:

  • Temple contacts
  • Obituary help
  • Preferred Torah readings
  • Other preferred readings
  • Shiva notifications

Atheist Services

What We Offer:

  • Obituary help
  • Preferred readings
  • Public or private memorial ceremony

What Would Your Loved One Want?

It is vital that the wishes of the dearly departed are followed as closely as possible. We assure you that not only will they find peace, but you will as well, knowing that you've provided them the ending that they would have liked. Please keep your loved one's wishes in mind while making the best decision for your budget.

A funeral is just as much for the bereaved as it is for the deceased. It can be difficult to find the balance between the various factors that affect funereal decisions but we're here to help you in this difficult time. Below are some links to additional services that are provided by local vendors who may also benefit you in this time of need.