Times Express

Brooke Lotto

The Milwaukee 14

Two score and seven years ago on September 24th, 1968 The Milwaukee 14 broke in the Selective Service office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin stealing over 10,000 draft records to protest against the Vietnam War. The fourteen men gathered around a world war memorial and poured homemade napalm on the thousands of draft records as they sang and read from the Bible. After the affair, they peacefully waited arrest at the scene. Their effort towards peace was everlasting.

The men had many reasons for taking action against the war. Some wanted peace and others opposed the war itself. One thing they had in common was that they believed in the same thing. "We committed this action with intent of saving lives ... at the biddence of a moral law higher than that of any nation ... bound to act because of religious consciences; the contact point from individual and God." they later said during the trial.

A year later their trial was held and they were formally charged with arson, burglary, and theft. Not all fourteen were charged in the same manner. Two members chose to be tried separately. The remaining twelve were sent to spend thirteen months in prison. Although each man had his regrets, they would do it the same way if such would arise again. We today, are affected by their actions. They changed our mindsets towards the draft and all war. We now don't actively use the draft system and we have a more fair draft.

Springbreak Volleyball Tournament

Springbreakers on vacation at Ft. Walton Beach in Florida gathered for an all day volleyball tournament. They found a court on the beach. College students asked if anyone would like to play volleyball and players of all levels agreed. They divided up into teams and the games started.

The ball was served and returned to the original side. One bump, one set, and then one of the youngest players jumped up and smacked it down to the ground. One player recalled, "I didn't know she was that good!" Soon came dark and although the games were competitive, no winners were declared. This tournament allowed players to practice their skills and to just have fun during their well deserved break.