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Feb Team News. Let's get ready for Valentines & Mothers Day

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Come see what all the buzz is about! As featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, hypergrowth company Stella & Dot is enabling a new kind of success for busy women with a professional, flexible, profitable home based business. Come along, even bring an interested friend or two, to learn about starting your own part or full time career as a Stella & Dot Stylist at this informal Opportunity Event.

Bulls Head, Wicker Lane, Hale Barns WA15 0HG

7.30pm-8pm Come and find out more about becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist.

8-10pm Presentation by Personal Stylist Karina Taylor "Jewellery for body shape". Plus the usual discussions, training and coaching to boost your business.

£2 payable on the night for Stylists. Prospective Stylists please get a free ticket to confirm your attendance. Thanks! CLICK HERE

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SKYPE IN TO THIS MEETING, please download Skype on your phone or computer and add 'Elizabeth Cooper' to your Skype contacts before tomorrow's meeting. You should then be able to connect and participate, no matter where you live!

Feel like you need a holiday?

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How about a luxurious, all expenses paid holiday to Mauritius?

Extraordinary Glam Getaway 2017 is more irresistible than ever!

Earn a unique piece (think 14k gold and diamonds!) and an all-expenses paid trip for 1 OR trip for 2 to MAURITIUS!

EARN IT: 1ST February – 30th September, 2016

TRIP DATES: Monday, 6th March – Thursday 9th March 2017

LOCATION: Club Med, La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius


Personal Qualified Volume Points* are earned at a rate of 1 point per 1 PQV sold and New Qualified Stylist Points** are earned at a rate of 0.5 point per 1 PQV sold. Pay Rank Maintenance Points*** are earned at a rate of 1,000 points each month that you meet or exceed your baseline Career Rank as of January, 2016.

Incentive period: 1st February – 30th September 2016

Level 1: Your Extraordinary Necklace!

30,000 points, at least 15,000 of which must come from PQV points

Level 2: Extraordinary Trip for 1!

50,000 points, at least 25,000 of which must come from PQV points

Level 3: Extraordinary Trip for 2!

80,000 points, at least 40,000 of which must come from PQV points

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS IN THE GLAM REPORT. Remember you can earn half of all your points from Sponsoring and Qualifying New Stylists.

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Will you be my hostess?

Welcome to February, the month for you to share the LOVE of Stella & Dot!

Head Office have sent us some amazing emails to help us book trunkshows. You will be getting 5 emails - one every day this week! PLUS

Join Training Manager, Sam Walpole for a Booking night in at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th February. You have a full hour to make as many calls to prospective Hostesses on this special Booking Blitz.

Feel like you need some help on how to book this February?

Sam will stay on the line to coach you through. Celebrating your Successes and Overcoming your Nos.

Prepare to Share the LOVE by:

Watching your Leaders recording LIVE Booking Calls in the video link below.

Watch Mhari following up on a trunkshow lead (the same day she met the customer)

Watch Holly dealing with a 'no' in a positive way :-)

February tools

Don't forget to print out your Trunkshow exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! With Mother's day around the corner on March 6, these gorgeous accessories make great gifts.

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Top 10 in Sales for January

4 Julie Maguire

5 Victoria Powys

6 Claire Parsons

7 Kerry Taylor

8 Anna AV Schaf

9 Alex Wilks

10 Joy Grayson Mahon

Top 10 in February sales SO FAR SO GOOD ladies!

1) Anna Schaf

2) Lisa Dre

3) Daniela Achtstetter

4) Stephanie Smith

5) Melanie Ashworth

6) Sarah Bloor

7) Claire Parsons

8) Nicola Gunn

9) Cassandra mccaffrey

10) Stacey Rankin

Engravables launch ! Stella & Dot

There are SO many exciting things happening in 2016 ! But this HAS to be one of my favourites! YES engravables are coming to the UK in Autumn time this year - so our necklaces can be personalised with memorable dates, special names, and meaningful words! I can't wait to tell our customers!

Stylist training and meet ups

There are Stylist training meet ups happening all over the country. You are welcome to attend any. The Cheshire Stylist Meet up is usually held on the first Wednesday of the month in Northwich. In February, we have teamed up with Manchester to host our meet up tomorrow night (Wednesday) in Hale Barns (all details at the top of this newsletter). If you would like to SKYPE in to this meeting, please find Elizabeth Cooper on Skype and text her or call her to arrange.

You shine bright!

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The Sunshine Incentive Earners

Their future is so bright that they need shades!! Yes Amanda Smart and Emma Hall I am talking about YOU! Earners of Stella & Dot's new line of sunglasses! Well done for hitting 1,500 PQV of sales in January and earning a set of these each!
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In each newsletter, I will be sharing a top tip from a different Stylist each month! Today's Top Tip is from Tysh Mefferd. And I'd like to nominate next month's top tip to come from Nicky Lees (hope that's ok Nicky) xxx

Tysh said she'd recently tried something new, which has transformed her business in terms of growing her team.

Instead of turning up at trunkshows thinking, ' I have to sponsor to promote', 'I'm under pressure tonight to mention the Stylist Opportunity', or 'I feel awkward about recruiting because it's going to benefit me'....Tysh decided to CHANGE her mindset.

Instead she know goes into trunkshows thinking, 'I am going to get to know everyone in the room - their names, where they live, what they like doing, where they work'. Her aim is to connect and to get to know everyone in a genuine and friendly way, so that she can help them (Stella & Dot OR otherwise).

After all, "If we help enough people to get what they want, we can have everything in life we want." or in other words 'you get out of life what you put in'.

Want to know why Tysh changed her mindset about sponsoring and worked on connecting with every guest at a trunkshow ? It's because of a life-changing experience whereby a Stylist on Tysh's team connected with a guest at a trunkshow and transformed her world in an extraordinary way.

The trunkshow guest shared that she was desperate for extra income because she and her husband had completely spent up on IVF and they could no longer afford to adopt a child. The Stylist promised to help her! Together they set some goals, paced together, worked on a dream, earned the income she needed, and within 12 months she got a gift that money can't buy: motherhood.

Could you help change someone's life through this business? I know mine has changed (thanks Elizabeth Cooper!) Let's connect with guests at trunkshows and other special people we meet this month, and see if we can help them too xxx

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

February is a great month to share your love of Stella and Dot. You could:
  • help the men in your life to shop for their other halves this Valentines Day.
  • think about all the single women who might want to get together and treat themselves at a trunkshow. Who needs cupid!
  • remember why you joined Stella & Dot and share your passion for this business with everyone you meet! Tell them about the AMAZING Stylist Opportunity and help them fall in love with their life again! All for £169!
  • Style your friends for their Date Night - suggest outfits and post on FB.
  • start warming up hostesses for Mothers Day trunkshows. It's a great time to get all the mum and and daughters together for some fun, fizz and fashion (AND FREE jewellery) before Sunday March 6.

Please call me 0791 293 7224 if I can help you to achieve what you'd like to from your business this month. Let's brainstorm!