Metric Mania

By Joyce Brackett + Katelyn Marshall

Lengths in centimeters

Measurements in centimeters

Best prefix chosen

The best prefix chosen is centimeters because it is the easiest to calculate because we know that for every meter there are 100 centimeters, so all we have to do to convert to meters is measure in centimeters and multiply by 100.


1D: The measurement of a line.

2D: Base*height of an object.

3D: Length*width*height* of an object.

What Is The Meter Based Off Of?

  • Fundamental unit of length in the metric system.
  • Equivalent to 39.37 inches
  • Defined as 1/299,792,458 units of the distance light travels in a vacuum per second.

When do people use meters?

Construction workers use meters to measure the area of the houses they build. The average house in the US is 216m^2.

Carpenters measure room size in meters so they know how much carpet to use.

Class activity conversion questions

1.) Convert 500 mm. to centimeters.

2.) Convert 6.2 dm. to centimeters.

3.) Convert 360 mm. to centimeters.

4.) Convert 5.6 dm. to centimeters.

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