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Vol 2 - Lake Weslemkoon Conservation Association newsletter

News from your LWCA Directors

Water Sampling (Claire Vandervoort)

Water sampling for the 2022 season has been completed!

Measurements for dissolved oxygen and temperature were taken throughout the summer season and the results indicated a continuing healthy band of dissolved oxygen, sufficient for fish populations in Weslemkoon such as lake trout. Data shows an increase in temperature in the uppermost column of the lake in comparison to previous years, something that will need to be monitored through the upcoming sampling seasons.

Water chemistry data was sampled and sent off to be analyzed in August. Results indicated a downward trend of both phosphorus and E.coli, with nitrogen levels remaining relatively stable. Total coliform levels were very high in comparison to previous years, which could have been influenced by various factors, all of which are outlined in the final report.

For more information, you can find the 2022 Water Quality report, including graphs and chemistry results, on our website.

Municipal Updates (Paul Bottos)

Island Naming:

The Civic address by-law began in 2017 and during that time the LWCA has remained engaged in the process and has repeatedly requested updates from the Township. The latest response from the Township is as follows:

“We are still waiting on the approval of the proposed island names that were submitted to the Ontario Geographic Names Board for those islands that were not officially named. Once the board moves through their consultation process they will make a recommendation to the Minister. Once this approval is given by the Minister, the Ontario Geographic Names Board will notify the municipality. Once we get the islands officially named then we can move forward with the renumbering and installation.”

Renaming of "Kegona Point":

In October the LWCA received a notice from the Township about an application for the renaming of a part of the land on Lake Weslemkoon from "Squaw Point" (historical name) to Kegona Point. The word squaw is derogatory and racist; it is widely accepted to be an ethnic slur. There has been much discussion on the lake in recent years about a new name for the point, some suggesting "Blueberry Point". When the LWCA was informed about the application for renaming to Kegona, Melissa Tervit contacted the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) to clarify the meaning of the name. She was told that the Algonquin word kegona translates to hope, signifying a wish or desire.

The name Kegona Point was submitted to the Ontario Geographic Names Board by former Chief Stephen Hunter, through the AOO Land Claims office.

"For me personally, [renaming to Kegona] is a way to encourage others to learn about the Algonquin people who have been here since time immemorial and who are still here today, trying to revive our culture and language. It is my hope that the Township of Addington Highlands, LWCA and the community members contacting you, will understand that using an Algonquin word to name the point is a step forward in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation." Noreen (Gidge) Tinney, Elder

Algonquin Land Claim:

The Federation of Cottagers Association (FOCA) does a very good job of posting up to date information about various issues affecting cottagers. Check out FOCA'S updates on the Algonquin Land Claim (latest update April 2022).

Trails Update (Elaine Hardy)

Thanks again to everyone who helped with maintaining and clearing trails this past summer. Trail work is over for 2022, but in the spring, there will be work to clean up the trails from trees that have fallen over the winter. The work (and fun) never ends! The LWCA keeps a list of members who have volunteered to look after the various trails on the lake, and we are always looking for new volunteers. Even if you don’t want to commit to “taking on” a specific trail, everyone who uses the trails can help, for example by clearing smaller branches that have fallen on the trail, and picking up any litter and disposing of it. If you’ve done some trail clearing, let us know and send some pictures (like the Gunter/Postma families, who cleared the trail to Green Lake on the Thanksgiving weekend). Don’t they look like they were having fun? This could be you!

Let us know if there are trails that need attention, or if you have ideas or questions about our trails. One member contacted us this year to say that the map on the LWCA website was too fuzzy to see where the trailheads are, so we uploaded a higher resolution map (note that you can also buy copies of the map at Weslemkoon Marina).

See you on the trails in 2023

Do you have a bubbler? (Steve Latto)

During membership renewal we ask if you have a bubbler at your property. That information is gathered and passed on to our custodian, Mike Watson, who will inspect cottage properties in the off season.

Please email us at info@weslemkoon.com IF you have

  • recently added a bubbler to your property or
  • not yet identified that your property has a bubbler (on our membership form)

Thank you!

Podcast Pick: Estate Planning with Peter Lillico

Have you talked about cottage succession with your cottage family? You may want to check out Episode 4 from the 2020 Cottage Life podcast series: Have you had the talk? It's a fantastic episode that provides excellent information about cottage succession from expert Peter Lillico.

There's also very interesting info (and audio) about 2 common frog species, and a reading from a Roy McGregor article better about the great July or August at the cottage debate. We all have our opinions, but ... ;-)

Click here: Have you had the talk? and press the play button.

Lake Levels and some Dam Information (Marty Blake)

In mid September Nathan Hack from the MNRF gave several of the directors a tour of the dam.

As you can see from the photos below, Nathan showed us a graph to illustrate how actual Lake Weslemkoon water levels compare to the target levels (blue line). He explained how the logs are replaced and when changes are made to the number of logs in the dam.

For more information about this, check out our website!

Important Upcoming Dates

March 1st, 2023 - deadline for registration

  • Pay by this date to get a copy of the Loon Call and your name in the registry

Saturday August 12th, 2023 (10 am - noon) - AGM

  • Location TBD