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Whats happening in Russia by D.M.K

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This just in Russia has had a a meltdown at Chernobyl a radioactive cloud was sent 3,280 ft

into the air. The materials that were released were half-life materials. There were 30 people died in 3 months of the accident. when our reports asked the investigators what had happened the said "This had happened because of mostly human error but one major mechanical error." The milk of the cows that grazed on contaminated grass, the farmers had to get rid of the milk.

Natural Resources

We have learned that Russia has large amounts of peat. Russia has some rivers that provide Hydroelectric power. We know that a lot of Russia’s natural resources are in remote areas like Siberia. We also know that 20% of the World’s iron is located in Russia. In Russia resources such as gold, copper, uranium and aluminum can be found.

Trans-Siberian Railroad

The progress of the railroad was difficult because of the terrain. Many of the workers that built the railroad were enlisted convicts and soldiers. We know that the railroad is 6,000 miles long. The Russians began to build the railroad in 1891. The Russians used explosives to get through rocks and cliffs.

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