Final Push Meeting

... ending the year well

Agenda:: Trip Calendar & Ministry Partner Info

* We need to finalize our 2014 Trip Calendar so we can have published by beginning of year.

* We also need to update the bios of ministry partners. This bio info will be used for the website and as a 'get to know' for our team.

* Remember that prelim budgets are due mid March... so we'll be discussing our partners beginning of year.

* We will also touch on Communications, Publications and Event schedule for next year.

Team Meeting

Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013 at 11am-12:30pm

room 211 @ CGBC

8750 Lasater Road

11:00 Opening Prayer / Praises

11:10 Old Business (Remaining Old Budget)

11:30 Trip Calendar (Lynch / Las Vegas / other ? Local)

12:00 Ministry Partner Assignments

12:15 2014 Calendar Additions (Recap 2013 Calendar)

12:25 Closing Prayer