Learning & Teaching with ICT

Schedulled sessions: Monday 4th August - Friday 8th August

Demonstrating Learning with Explain Everything - Monday per 3, Tuesday per 3 and Wednesday per 4

Research has demonstrated that learners will receive less than 20% of the information they receive by reading or hearing after 2 weeks! Very powerful learning occurs when you do the real thing or teach it to another, increasing retention by as much as 90%. Also students are more engaged in their learning when given the opportunity to do, to participate and create. Process and problem based learning is active learning and also fosters higher order thinking skills. More velcro learning!

Explain Everything is a fantastic app that has huge potential to support students and teachers in the learning process. The Explain Everything App allows teachers and students to create projects that can be used by others to explore concepts and processes and also to demonstare learning. Let your students become the teachers! Also this is a great tool to generate tutorials for the flipped classroom that can be easily shared via eLocker or other cloud sharing spaces like blogs.

Michelle Pike - "Explain Everything is a versatile and powerful app for teachers and students. I was able to create lessons for my students, while I was in Canada on leave, using Explain Everything. Then I could upload the tutorials into their shared elocker. The girls were then supported in understanding mathematical concepts and working through them at their own pace. "

Explain Everything is an app that allows you to annotate, animate, and narrate a presentation. The app allows you to either record over pre-made slides or create and edit slides as you record your video. You can include text, video, pictures, documents, and web pages into your presentation.

What do you need to bring?
  • Downloaded & Updated App of Explain Everything
  • Your iPad updated and charged.
  • Log into eLocker.

Option 1 - Demonstrating Learning with Explain Everything - Monday period 3

Monday, Aug. 4th, 12-1pm

19 Diamond St

Eltham, VIC

  • In Room 1

Limit of 6 People.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Option 2 - Explain Everything - Tuesday period 3

Tuesday, Aug. 5th, 2pm

Room 9 CLC

Limit of 6 people

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Option 3 - Explain Everything - Wednesday period 4

Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 2pm

Room 9 CLC

Limit of 6 people.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Option 4 - Listen up! - Kidblog - Room 8

Blogging is a powerful platform that promotes 21st century learning - creativity, collaboration and connection to a wider audience. It also can be a platform for communicating ideas, raising awareness and receiving feedback. Kidblog can host multimedia products. Applications for blogging will be discussed during the session.

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What to bring

  • Updated and charged iPad.
  • Kidblog App installed

Resource Centre
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Option 4- Listen up! Kidblog

Wednesday, July 30th, 9am

Room 8 CLC

Limit of 6 people.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.